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  1. Let me get the boys together: @Raandom @kummitus @Quicksilver @Achtungsnow @Hawk @turbomursu @Heia Safari! @RayderPSG @hitm4k3r @truth_hun @tigerfl0 Did i forget someone?
  2. We had a nice race session this evening. We were 5 (Hawk,5hitmaker, Raandom, a friend of Hawk? and me) @Hawk was damn fast with his controller
  3. PC2 is just perfect to host own tournaments etc. I would love to see some racing nights with you boys i loved playing Nürburgring GP 1-2h Sessions.. man youre sweating your a** off Actually i am in the mood for racing now..hold my beer! Here is a good offer for PC2 Deluxe Edition for the Steam price of the normal version! https://www.mmoga.com/Steam-Games/Project-CARS-2-Deluxe-Edition.html
  4. Things are gettin serious here now.. congraz
  5. Delicious Chckendinner with @Johonas and a mate from me
  6. Many mates cant understand how im playing.. maybe that little Video helps you understand what it's like to be a PUBG Rambo
  7. Move the Folder to your healthy Harddrive and reassign the registry stuff again.
  8. No just Point the registry to your old bf2..
  9. Try my solution first.. thats like 2 minutes of work...
  10. Type "regedit" in your cmd window Location -> Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Electronic Arts\ea games\battlefield 2 everything after "WOW6432Node" wont be there for you so you need to create it by rightlicking and "Create new Key" ( Keys are "Folders") inside the "Battlefield 2" Key (Folder) you Need to rightclick and create new "String Value" You Need these two "String Values" the rest will be created automatically! installdir (Root Location from your BF2 Folder) ergc (Your CD-Key Format WIHTOUT "-")
  11. You can keep the old Files you just need to setup the registry in win10
  12. Im in just PM me at discord. Probably im not the worst chickenhunter Had a nice 2. Place with papilion with a total of 10 kills
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