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FH2 Capture the Flag Event - Friday 18h UTC


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Join us EVERY Friday at 18hUTC , for the very first Capture the Flag event for Forgotten Hope 2

What is Capture the Flag ( CTF ) ?

The objective of the game is to capture the opposing team's flag while defending one's own. This can be done by getting in to where the flag is located in the enemy base, taking it, and returning it to the player's base alive. This task is usually much easier said than done, as the opposing team's base is usually heavily defended and players are alerted once a flag is taken from its base, causing the team whose flag was stolen to frantically try to get it back at any cost.

Unlike Conquest, Capture the Flag has infinite tickets for each team, but flag captures count downwards. Once the enemy team captures your flag e.g. 10 times, it wins the round.

Flags can be held while on any vehicle as well, regardless if it is piloted on land, sea or air. It also does not matter whether the flag-carrier is on the driver or passenger seat of the vehicle as well. This allows for much faster delivering of flags to other bases due to the large nature of the maps playable in the game mode.

Report any bugs / issues you might find

Since this is a work in progress mod some bugs and issues will occur. Please report if you find or encounter something out of the ordinary.

With your help we can fine tune the mod quicker and more efficiently.

Where to download ?

Download links and server ip/name will be provided during this week in this thread.

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