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CMP's 3rd Brithday Is Here!


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From all of the Committee, Admins and Moderators we want to thank you all
for being a part of this amazing and growing community of video game players.


The start of 2020 has made this a strange year so far, forcing many of us to shelter in our homes and look for other ways to connect and keep ourselves entertained.

Fortunately for CMP, this has not affected our campaigns, events and general socialising for a game or two - in fact it is most likely in part, that because of the current worldwide events that we have seen such a massive boost in players for our FH2 Campaign #7: Overlord!

At this point, I'd like to say that I would hope our community, being made up of such a varied collection of people from all over the world will be there for each other, both socially and emotionally. For some it can be stressful having to care for family members and the fear of trying to avoid becoming ill, while for others it may just be the isolation of being alone and unable to be with friends and loved ones.

While we joke and laugh, I know that there are close bonds within this community - if any of the CMP members feel like they need to just get on Teamspeak to talk and game a little then please don't be afraid to post on the forums or Discord to see if someone would like to join you. Also be sure to check out our Community Games section in the forums for a variety of games we play the most - come and join us!

Grab A Free Game
To try and help you out a little, you'll find a list of games that we are offering free Steam keys for within the Games area. Come and pick up a game - they will cost you nothing!

As we look ahead into the rest of 2020 here are some of the events and campaigns we have planned:

Looking Ahead For 2020



A new FH2 campaign has just opened!
Fight in the heart of Normandy and beyond in CMP's seventh campaign; "Overlord"
- head over to the
campaign announcement in General Announcements for more information.




We are currently running a Dirt Rally Cup event which will last until the 31st May.

The next cup will start later in the year as we switch over to a season of Project Cars 2
however you can still take part in the current stages;

You'll find a lot of racing chat takes place at in our Discord #racing-games channel.




We have a growing number of CMP members that play Post Scriptum and we
play on both public servers and in competitive events against other orgs and clans.

You'll find a lot of Post Scriptum chat in our Discord #post-scriptum channel including CMP members
looking to meet up and play together on a public server, or for competition announcements.

If you have the game and want to play with us, come and sign up in the Post Scriptum forums!




As Star Citizen increases in scope and activities we will be hosting more evening events
- come and join us at ANTCORP, CMP's very own org within Star Citizen!

We chat and organize meet ups "in the 'verse" in our
Discord #sc-general chat, so come
and visit us there, or head to our
Star Citizen forums for more in-depth information on the game.



Join us and play the free2play first person shooter Counter Strike-Global Offensive.
Several English and Spanish speaking CMP Members play this game almost every day.
Keep in mind that we use Prime Status in our matches.

We mainly organize on our Discord #cs-go channel, but you can also post in our CS:GO forums




We usually switch racing between seasons of Dirt Rally and Project Cars 2 to offer
a little racing variety throughout the year.

With Project Cars 2 we host a full race session from practice, to qualifying and onto
a long race of around an hours driving or more. All skill levels are welcome and we
have members who race with full racing wheel kits to controllers and even on keyboard!

If you're interested in joining the Project Cars 2 Championship then come along to our
Project Cars 2 forums, or join us for some racing chat takes place at in our Discord #racing-games channel.




With the launch of Hell Let Loose and it's continuing updates, we have a fledgling group
of players in the CMP community that are active on various servers.

You'll find our
Discord #hell-let-loose channel is a good place to find out when players will
be online so you can join up for some team play.

Alternatively visit our
Hell Let Loose forums and sign up to show your play!






Donating To CMP
In 2018 we started our donations drive to ask for CMP members to help with our monthly costs, and in 2019, thanks to some very generous donations and a lot of CMP members now donating monthly, we were within a few euros of our target.

In 2020 we also need members to step up and donate whatever they can afford to help cover the monthly community costs - even a few Euros will help. This will allow us to continue to create and host FH2 campaigns, support new games on the game server when we have a large enough community playing them; as well as run the forums, Teamspeak and Discord channels.

You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page.


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