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FH2 Campaign #11: Battle 6 - Elsenborn Ridge - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Share your opinions about the battle.  Replies are ok but no flaming, keep it clean!

Any posts containing complaints about map balance, assets, or other complaints will be removed and the person posting will have their posting privileges removed.


Copy and paste below:

Best: -

Worst: -

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: - Leading a strong squad, well done folks!

Worst: - Getting our asses kicked last round trying to get *anywhere* out of main

Funniest: - 3 Mine kills on the H6 road when defending crossroads (;

Most hated player: Whoever wiped our squad with a Garand when we were driving around the Southeast lake, Whoever masterminded that jeep roadblock + ambush east of lumbermill last round. You scare me.

Most worst player: Me for forgetting to write down those memorable medal-worthy moments on a piece of paper ) :

Most loved/liked player: johhny for being the młotek de los dioses despite the terrible circumstances. get well buddy!

Best Battle Photo I don't camera

Other: Well played, allies! you were the more organized force and reaped a deserved victory!

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Best: - the support I received from many players and the good vibes.

Worst: -Not being focused, I played battle 6 automatically.

Funniest: - @Wasteland_Hero In the first round he went after me. And it was fun even though I was sleepy but it made me stay focused.

Most hated player: -me

Most loved/liked player: Well to start I want to thank for your support to: 

 @RayderPSG, @BaskaBommi, @knokworst, @Hawk, @RAnDOOm, @Sir_Kowskoskey, @Zabstone, @pozzo, @-Bombarik-, @matyszg and all polish for give me support. @gtgt40, @Misterposter552, @Panzershrek, @Achtungsnow, @DarthTemoc, @Nightwing, @Smashmachine, @wanchekid, @Blander, @Legionario2, @Facunino

And the others who gave me their condolences... ❤️ Thanks for the support and the love....

Other: -Well, I hope the next battle will return to my level, have fun and continue for a long time in this community...

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