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FH2 Campaign #9: Battle 11 - Sinimaed - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Share your opinions about the battle.  Replies are ok but no flaming, keep it clean!

Any posts containing complaints about map balance, assets, or other complaints will be removed and the person posting will have their posting privileges removed.


Copy and paste below:

Best: -

Worst: -

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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-Dogfights with the exact same plane! :D Always great to dogfight with you @Wasteland_Hero :)
-Numbers. In the beginning it almost seemed like we won't even get a battle, but eventually got a full server!
-Some very successful RP placements made me happy. :D 
-I liked the maps overall feeling. It had great variety in action and terrain features.
-Seeing friendlies respond to your targets and seeing enemy tanks getting destroyed! 

-Those trees are a planes worst enemy, but not this time.... This time I crashed into a huge f****** FIELD. It was hilarious as it was horrible :D 

- @kirbyris-cafe shooting down @Tore with the artillery :D Sorry for laughing so much because of this :D
-HQ channel chatting was fun many times. 
-The field I crashed into. And I still laugh at the reply from @Tutvys "Nice kamikaze caeno" :D

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Best: Really intense battle, love it and hated it at the same time.

Second spaniard squad... It is an awesome group

Finally meeting @Th3rioN on the battlefield and killing him while the rest of the squad continued to sneak to the flag xD. 3-2 you winning but there is still one battle left.


Funniest: The guys from the squad.

Me (after battle 3): do you guys have any idea on how we can win this round?
@Darkpotato: I say we could all try to disconnect at the same time so the server crash and we play other day


Me (trying to make my guys have some fun): @sergioten, I have a very special mission for you. Choose the one you like more and take him with you to... Silos and place a RP.
After a brief pause Sergio said: @Facunino come with me

I was defending alone our flag, all squad suicided and some "random" enemy appeared in front of me and killed me instantly... we lost the flag and the attack at Silos was a disaster. @RayderPSG take it easy xD

Most hated player: @FranzKruger, you where everywhere killing us... so annoying but well played mate. We are giving medals to the ones that managed to get you lol

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Best: Attacking and capturing the flag closest to east main (starts with an H) tio find a Pak-40 deployed on top of a static T-34 wreck. Turned it around and destroyed the enemy's counter attack. Thanks guys.

Worst: Worsening vaccine side effects the further we got into the battle.

Funniest: See best battle photo below. @Darkpotato and @Luis 1944 were looking for me in the capzone at sinimaed. One of them managed to kill me, but then I watched them kill eachother on deathcam.

Best Battle Photo -


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