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FH2 Campaign #9: Battle 3 - Kalach - Best/Worst/Funniest

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-The map was awesome. It felt like the good old prokhorovka map from FH1 which was one of my favorites. The amount of tanks, airplanes, large open fields... I loved it.
-The tough rounds. All were really hard and fought until the end. All of them could have been won by either side with a flag cap and some more kills.
-Numbers of course. Always nice :)
-Getting to fly a plane again in a long! I've missed it for so long :D 
-The dogfights with @Wasteland_Hero and @FadusTM(except fadus was always in the Il2... so maybe it was a bit one sided in that sense...)

-Nothing really.

- @MrSagdyev shooting me with a mobile AT gun at the Mayors flag when I didn't except anything to be pointed at my direction :D 
- @Ombustman and his tank... you shot me down atleast twice with a tank. Damn you! :D 
-Was trying to strafe a jeep that was attacking Savinskiy flag and crashed into it eventually.... sorry about that - it was not intentional!
-I think I was flying the stuka - really low health - and both enemy planes flying around me and suddenly I hear a boom and see 2 plane wrecks falling down in front of me. :D 
- @Hawk and his "target practice plane". I'm sorry I shot you, but I'm amazed that you got that flaming scout plane to our airfield and fixed it! :D
- @Papillon and his "target practice plane". I had a hard time hitting that enemy scout plane and eventually crashed into it... it was soooooo slow. Was not intentional either!
- @Tore "Stuka getting up!" - for some reason the stuka died right after that TS message and... no explanation. Shit happens and I'm sure it was annoying and frustrating as hell, but I laughed a bit. I did some stupid mistakes aswell during the battle and laughed a lot at those aswell :D
-Also a couple of times when I was taking off with the stuka, I said something on TS about "give me targets" and suddenly I got like 4 different tank coordinates all over the map and was a bit overwhelmed by the amount and just chose randomly of the closest ones :D

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Funniest: I was on my way to a flag with @sergioten on the kubel when we hear a horn behind us, enemy was chasing us. I told sergioten to get down and shoot him and the next thing I saw was the enemy car ramming sergioten against the kubel... That of course led to a bumper cars simulator while some random mg was shooting to our direction.



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Best: -  great effort by mapper and balancing team to make this one enjoyable. Thanks! 

Best2: 3 tight battles in a row. Best early campaign ever? 

Worst: - 3-1 despite feeling we gave it all and not feeling a great tactical difference


Most hated player: - definitely ppd's and planes 😂

Most loved/liked player: - everyone

Best Battle Photo -


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