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It might be cool to see what ships everyone has? I'm guessing most will have be basic start packages?

I've pretty much have all the ships I wanted to try out different activities and some are multi-crew (all with LTI): Aurora LN, Avenger Titan, 315P, Freelancer DUR and Cutlass Red.

I'm also one referral away from a Galdius... just need one more...

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Looking nice! Are you a subscriber or Concierge? I just don't think I could sink anything else into this game now, I have the ships I'm wanting when we can start doing some more jobs and so on.

Some of these guys that buy nearly every ship when it comes out are crazy, I just think "you can get the ship in-game with in-game credits, and how many ships can you fly at once anyway?" :D

Will look forward to a hopefully less buggy 3.0 once it reaches public release.

I still wish we had SATA Ball to play :(

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27 minutes ago, Sir_Kowskoskey said:

This any good? Looking into a new game to play

Well, its still in alpha stage and it will be for long time. But the fact how the Devs presents to you the process, upcoimg feautres and goals, the love and communtiy work, makes for me a unique game to followe and support. Never have seen this kind of game making bevor. And my enthusiasm for space, explore, simulation and RPG gives the rest.... yeah i know, i'm hyped :D

And yes it is a good game so far and getting better for sure.

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Yeah @Sir_Kowskoskey, there is the ability to create an Org for CMP if we wanted to, but even now you can just find friends into your PDA (called a Mobiglass) and join a server together and play around with the ships, EVA out to wrecks and complete missions.

Quite a few of us have multi-crew ships, some have turrets you can get into and fire at pirates or other players and the new 3.0 alpha update (which is still in a testing right now) should allow a lot more gameplay such as landing on planets and moons, racing around in buggies and so on. You don't need anything more than the basic Aurora or Mustang to play the game as every other ship can be purchased in-game (once they reach a certain point in development), but people can buy ships if they want to help support the developers - once the game is launched these ships can't be bought for real cash, but in-game credits can be.

There is also Arena Commander if you just want to do some ship combat and you can play this with friends as well, such as a co-op mode against waves of enemy ships, and there is an FPS arena combat simulator called Star Marine which is squad based space combat in abandoned space stations and EVA combat - it's pretty good fun with team mates.

The main thing you need to know is the game is still in development, so they keep adding in new features and locations, new jobs and missions, but it is still years off completion I suspect. If you can I'd get Squadron 42 as well, this is the single player game which is similar to the old Wing Commander games, but ties into the Star Citizen Universe.

As @Pr0z4c said, you do need a decent PC to run this, both CPU and GPU. I haven't played 3.0, but I can run 2.6 (current public version) ok with an i5 6600 and a GTX 970 and get between 30 and 60fps depending on settings and what the servers are like (desync's cause sub 10fps).

Try watcihing BadNewsBaron on Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/badnewsbaron as he streams a lot of Star Citizen.

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5 hours ago, Johonas said:

Subscriber, Quick. Yeah the PTU is the stresstest for the server,... but its fun to land on planets, run around check out some shelter and mining area. Testing around.

I used to be on the PTU first testers list back when I played a bit of 2.x and submitted a lot of bug reports, but haven't played in ages so I've dropped off the PTU test lists.

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Bear in mind you'll be playing 2.6 at the moment, so if I were you I'd play around in Arena Commander and get used to flying around a bit, or play Star Marine to get used to combat on foot.

Or, wait until 3.0 is released to the public and get a better first experience. It's also around 30+Gb I think? So only worthwhile doing once!

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