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FH2 CMP MapPack All Day Event 14th March


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Join us this Saturday 14th March All Day Long
and play 9 maps of the upcoming CMP FH2 Custom Mappack!

This event is open to everyone, so invite your friends!
( all maps are in alpha stage and are not 100% ready )

Peleliu by @Watchtower



Tarawa by @Pr0z4c



Irrawady by @Papillon



Tulagi by @Stubbfan and @Pr0z4c



Kwajalein by @Watchtower



Wake Island by @Watchtower



Midway 1942 by @Pr0z4c and @Stubbfan



Berlin by @Blander




Raid at Cabanatuan by @GeoPat



New content list since the last event:

  • Midway - new sounds and AA gun effect + objective sequence improved
  • Peleliu - gameplay tweaks + general visual improvements
  • Wake Island - visual improvements + added 16 and 32 layers
  • Berlin -  new Volksturm skin + new ruins + improved gameplay progression
  • Tarawa - 64, 32 and 16 layer improvements
  • Tulagi - small layers fix + fixed floaters
  • Irrawady - fixed bugs on all layers + improved textures + improved Bridge flag
  • Kwajalein  - gameplay progression improved + general visual improvements
  • Cabanatuan  - improved spawn points + better performance + more cover

You will need to download the maps and the CMP minimod to be able to play

Map and CMP minimod download:
Use our new Community Installer - Download Here
(Read the Tutorial.  Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress)
Or manually download them
CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Minimod (Manual Download): 

CMP Mappack download- Download here

Minimod download- Download here
Just copy this file into Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\ folder. If your FH2 was installed via Standalone, just copy the file into FH2\mods
Choose 'Extract Here' and let it install the files. Let it overwrite any files if you have older mappack files installed.
CMP Maps Event

CMP - Teamspeak Server: ts.cmp-gaming.com

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Below is a detailed list of other changes made:


  • - added jprdg_1 smoke grenade placeholder to japanese pilot kit to make it match other pilot kits loadout
  • - replace arisaka_smokegrenade with jprdg_1 in the japanese SMG NCO kits (to prevent rifle being loaded only to fire a smoke grenade)
  • - replace arisaka_smokegrenade with jprdg_1 in the japanese sniper kit (smoke rifle nade doesn't have scope attached in the mesh)
  • - add bayonet (not attached) as a melee weapon to the Type 38 rifleman/assault kit (there was no melee weapon in the kit)
  • - remove nambu pistol from assault class (to keep it consistent with other assault kits within the mod)


  • - apply new time fused 25mm shell to all 25mm AA guns variants (few cannons used old bugged 25mm shell)
  • - 25mmCMP-HE-AA-Projectile proper tracer size, tracer colour, and proper explosion effect (used 88mm explosion effect)
  • - 40mmCMP-HE-AA-Projectile new better looking tracer added, slightly longer time fuse, proper explosion effect (used 88mm explosion effect)
  • - New projectiles added/updated, with proper balistics and damage matching other FH2 projectiles, using historically accurate tracer colours:
  •     8 x 22mm Nambu
  •     6.5 x 50mmSR Arisaka
  •     7.7 x 56mm IJN
  •     7.7 x 58mm Arisaka
  •     12,7 x 81mmSR IJN
  •     20 x 72mmRB
  •     20 x 94mm
  •     20 x 101mmRB
  •     30 x 114mm
  •     CMP_bayonet_Projectile
  •     CMP_cal375_CanisterShotPellet
  • - US 37mm canister shot improved to fire 123 pellets with proper spread, range, and damage, instead of 25 regular 30-06 rifle caliber bullets


M55 Reising:

  • - altered firing sounds to make it sounds more metalic comparing to thompson (they do sounds similiar tho since both fire the same round, Thompson may receive new sounds after FH2 update)
  • - updated reloading sounds based on actual M50 Reising recording
  • - new deploy sound added (the sound of unfolding stock added)

No5 rifle:

  • - bigger muzzle flash effect added as suggested during last test event
  • - muzzle velocity is 686m/s significantly lower than 744m/s of SMLE

Dual .50 cal:

  • - new dual 50cal firing and reloading sounds added
  • - proper muzzle flash effect and muzzle velocity added
  • - proper mag size and reload time (matching reload sounds) added
  • - air mounted 50 cal use airplane API ammo (more efficient against enemy fighters)
  • - added suppression effect to the ground (PT Boat?) version of the MG
  • - firing sounds stoptype changed from 1 to 2 for proper looping
  • - recoil removed to prevent stuff like .50cal being able to push PT boat when firing

Type 14 Nambu pistol:

  • - projectile type changed from 9mm Parabellum placeholder to new 8x22mm Nambu
  • - muzzle velocity increased from 220m/s to 280m/s

Type 38 Rifle:

  • - projectile type changed from 7.92 Mauser placeholder to new 6.5x50mm Arisaka
  • - muzzle velocity is 762m/s

Type 92 Nambu:

  • - projectile type changed from 7.92 Mauser placeholder to new 7.7x58mm Arisaka
  • - new reloading sounds applied (new Breda M37 sounds from upcoming FH2 patch)
  • - reload time shorten from 4.5 to 1.5sec to match new sounds
  • - mag size reduced from 250 to proper 30 rounds
  • - muzzle velocity lowered from 800m/s to 730m/s
  • Type 97 heavy tank MG:
  • - new armament added for the Japanese tank coaxial MGs with proper ROF to replace coax MG34s
  • - custom sounds based on Italian Breda
  • - muzzle velocity is set top 724m/s
  • - magsize 20 (50 mags per gun)

Type 99 LMG:

  • - projectile type changed from .303 British placeholder to new 7.7x58mm Arisaka
  • - muzzle velocity lowered from 800m/s to 715m/s

Type 99 Rifle:

  • - projectile type changed from 7.92 Mauser placeholder to new 7.7x58mm Arisaka
  • - muzzle velocity lowered from 762m/s to 755m/s

Type 100 SMG:

  • - projectile type changed from 9mm Parabellum placeholder to new 8x22mm Nambu (deal less damage, gun shoulnd't be so OP anymore)
  • - muzzle velocity lowered from 365m/s copied from Sten to proper 335m/s of Type 100


Type 95 Ha-Go:

  • - proper vehicle mass set
  • - new engine and tracks sounds added
  • - proper 37mm cannon firing sounds added
  • - tank's commander camera placement tweaked
  • - visual and audio effects placement tweaked
  • - turret rotation sounds changed to manual sounds (it didn't have electric motor)

Betty bomber:

  • - proper muzzle velocity and  muzzle flash effect added to the 20mm cannon
  • - proper cannon magsize (it also shows how many mags you have left now)
  • - proper 20 x 72mmRB projectile set
  • - cannon reloading sound added
  • - 20mmHE round icon added to replace current placeholder white rectangle
  • - all 8 bombs are now being dropped in one burst instead 2 bombs at the time

Type 96 25mm AA gun:

  • - ROF changed to 240 for a single gun, 450 for a dual mount, and 600 for triple mount (due to engine limitations) with new matching firing sounds set
  • - reloading time decreased from 6 seconds to 1.8 second for a single barrel, 2.5 seconds for a dual mount and 3.5 seconds for the triple mount to potray quick mag change done by a crew (in reality Type 96 was manned by a crew of 3 (single), 7 (dual) or 9 people (triple))
  • - fixed shell ejection placement, and removed bugged double shell ejection/muzzle flash effect on dual Type 96 mounts
  • - new reloading sounds based on Boys rifle reload
  • - overheat penatly reworked to be less drastic than on Bofors gun
  • - added overheating sounds
  • Oerlikon 20mm AA gun:
  • - overheating sounds added
  • - visual recoil slightly increased
  • - muzzle velocity slightly lowered
  • - fixed shell ejection effect placement
  • - new sounds based on FH2 AA gun, matching the lower ROF of 450RPM
  • - 1p firing sounds volume lowered
  • - 3p firing sounds radius lowered to match other guns settings
  • - reloading sound and matching reload time added

Bofors 40mm AA Gun:

  • - new dual and quad bofors firing sounds added (based on FH2's bofors sounds)
  • - muzzle velocity lowered from 880m/s to 750m/s (velocity of AA guns is scaled down to match airplane speeds)
  • - halfVolumeDistance of the 3p sounds drastically limited from ridiculous 175 to 25m to prevent AA guns from being heard across the map
  • - proper 40mmHE.dds shell icon added to all naval Bofors gun variants
  • - overheating sounds added
  • - mag.size set to -1 (infinite) when manned by a crew, Bofors guns were capable of constant fire, the only restriction from doing it is the overheat penalty (10 secs for dual and 20 secs for the quad mount, a bit drastic but changing overheat penalty value doesn't seem to work and I can't lower it down)
  • - ROF set to proper 240RPM for dual and slightly-lower-than-real-life-450RPM for quad cannon (note that you don't need to reload but it's easier to overheat the gun now due to higher ROF)
  • - shell ejection effect placement and rotation fixed (guns now spit shells to the front like real gun did)
  • - bedford_bofors mobile AA vehicle now fires a time fused shell with proper velocity of 750m/s (increased from 633m/s) and ROF of 120RPM like other Bofors guns
  • Type 94 Te-Ke:
  • - fixed bug which allowed players to shoot around the tankette with the freelook key, without actually turning the turret

B25 & B26:

  • - frontal quad .50 cal shell ejection effect placement and rotation fixed
  • - new sounds and proper muzzle flash effects added to the turret (and rear MGs on B26)
  • - MGs sounds radius and volume settings tweaked (standardized with other HMGs in the mod)
  • - turret MGs changed from .30cal to .50cal firing API projectiles
  • - dual 50cal reloading sounds added to both airplanes
  • - enabled manual reload for the MG gunners
  • - machine gun weapon selection icon added to replace white rectangle placeholder
  • - all 8 bombs are now being dropped in one burst instead 2 bombs at the time

SBD dauntless:

  • - rear .30cal MG firing sounds are now played faster (still not matching ROF properly but better than before, this will require complete rework of sounds to be fixed at one point)
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