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Arma III


Arma III in CMP - Yay or Nay?  

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  1. 1. Do you own Arma III? Would you play Arma III?

    • I own Arma III and I would love to play it only if vanilla!
    • I own Arma III and I would love to play it only if modded!
    • I own Arma III and I would love to play it only if modded and Milsim unit is created/Campaigns happen!
    • I would buy Arma III and join!
    • Arma III isn't my game and I will not join.

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I would love to know, how many of you guys actually play this great game and who would buy it!

Currently I am playing in some servers that are modded and bring advanced medical system to game.Which means passing out, blood bags, Saline, Plasma and their transfussion, different bandages for different wounds, many realsitic models, and realistic weapon systems. Server can run Zeus so regular missions can be improved by zeus(game master) or can be made from scratch. Arma III gives easy to use 3d editor and capabilities to script. Amazingly huge community with a lot of modders.

In the video below, you can see bit more relaxed, non milsim game of moded Arma III.


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2 hours ago, Patan said:

Yo tengo el Arma 3 descargado una completa y La Verdad Que esta muy bueno la jugabilidad reales del juego. Lo Tengo hace como 4 meses.

"i 've got downloaded Arma III and to be fair it s very good, has nice playability and it s realistic. i ve got it since 4 months ago" . @Patan, remember that not all speak spanish hehe.  La mayoría no saben  español aquí amigo :( 

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5 hours ago, caeno said:

Also missing an option which says "my computer sucks and probably won't run Arma3, but I'm interested in buying and playing!" :D

Maybe in 2020 I have money to buy some new parts and play modern games :D

Arma III is indeed game that needs a better build, however it's more optimised than Arma II, so if you have good processor, you might be able to join.


EDIT: ARMA III is 50% off until 24th, go get it lads, time is running out!

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if there is game after FH2 which may fall in the CMP-community's special interest it's ARMA III, i think.
didn't get into the potential of modable/customizable/editable contents and their complexity so far. have it for 1.x months now.

but yes, it's fun if you have an 'OK'-setup. some parts of ARMA will stay buggy and bulky forever. the engine looks supernice to me, visual and audible elements create an unique atmosphere. compared to FH2 i see ARMAs gameplay as much more strategic while it keeps that situation-dependent, detailed and tactical teamwork in single squads.

bought ARMA apex edition (ARMA + DLCs) for 60€, now it's 42€.
ARMA alone costs 17,50€ (50% off).
but nvm the money, imo it's a good buy and worth it.

let's see if there are some more ppl who use this sale. ;) there could possibly grow a small ARMA-group in CMP.

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quick (personal) status on ww2-content in arma III:

had a look at faces of war, mostly in the eden editor (FOW delivered map Tarawa).
after a short chat with @Tutvys and some research about the ww2 modded content for arma III, i see it'll most likely be a combination of several mods that somewhen can be used in ww2 custom missions / campaigns.

mods i have installed by now:

Faces Of War (FOW) - 1668,4 MB
CBA_A3 (FOW-depended) - 1,7 MB

atm i am installing:

CUP Terrains Core (IFA3_AIO_LITE-depended) - content port arma II to arma III - 3871,7 MB
IFA3_AIO_LITE - free version of Iron Front for Arma III - 864,1 MB

let me know what mods you are using, also any ideas about how a first event could look like.

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22 hours ago, Tutvys said:

So far for the first campaign I have planned modern era. Since for now we have low numbers I have planned missions, engagements for 12-15 players vs AI. Looking forward to start active work in late summer, early autumn.

sounds good. looking forward to that!

besides that i got surprised last night as i found a WaW arma III server, running the above mentioned ww2-mods. that's ... (OMFG) great!
though only two more ppl were on (at around 2 am berlin time) i had a nice first try, not knowing exactly what to do. spawned as american soldier, so i guess fighting the black evil computergermans was the correct decision. missed some zooks at a tiger I but could manage to frag some infantry units.


i recommend everyone who has ARMA III to install the mods and give it a try, too. then (after spawning at the mainbase) you could tell us what exactly remembers you of FH2 there. ;)
so i hope this isn't only seen as advertisement for foreign projects. the 'step' from FH2 to ARMA might happen in a community which includes everyone who's interested. so i think any kind of community-borders aren't helpful anyway.



this is how a studebaker looks after it met a panzerschreck. (polish ground, eden editor mission tryout)


allied mainbase on WaW server. that radiostation broadcasts some good and familiar music. ;)


ok, of course dying is also part of it.


this vehicle in the fields looked pretty german and was coming towards me. sadly i missed my shot. (damned noob i am!)


last but not least a prove i wasn't alone on the road, but also a good example for the whole custom- and alpha-statistic circumstances.
i'm sure my comrades were sufficiently clothed and armed at their frontend (at least i hope so).

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