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  1. Rommel_Walhall

    Happy Birthday

    alles gute nachträglich @HochuDeutschmeister
  2. Rommel_Walhall

    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday @Papillon and @_kek$ik_
  3. Rommel_Walhall

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Heia Safari!
  4. Rommel_Walhall

    CMP feiert sein Einjähriges

    Klingt doch sehr gut.wenn es alles klappt bin ich auch dabei
  5. Rommel_Walhall

    CAMPAIGN #2: Road to Glory - Ortona Stats

    I have the same problem how ColonelDeepthroat.I was with him at St. Tomassi and have assist to defend and capture the flag

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