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FH2 Campaign #2: Battle 4 Stoumont - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: playing an intense battle on a full server.

Worst: my nerves.

machine gun qufic
@Sir_Kowskoskey will come and get you and you know it
taking a warm bath
some backflag disruption (@Pr0z4c)
mina antipersona immediatamente (@AL-SAHAD)
when you realise it's a spawnpoint

Most liked player: everyone. good teamwork, also with our man on the artillery @TAFKAP 

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Best: HaLo Intuition

Worst: Nein, @Yehiel, its MY nerves xD You good played...

Funniest: Panic Panther and my Jumbo or Made a confusion at Panther on Sherman 75 in forest.
About forest (or Why must use SPOT) -> In forest. I on Sherman 75. Briefly, Panther was right in front of me. Maybe 2 meters. Behind the trees, I see him because of my spoting and He dont see me. Well, I was lucky, I destroyed Panther xD 

Most hated player: Me

Most loved/liked player: HaLo

Other: It seems that We going crazy... Nevermind.

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Best: Rebel army of the germanites. 100th went through a wall a few times

Worst: we still dont have a "Beam me up Scotty"  transport

Funniest: playing against people with extreme imagination. Couple of defences succeeded only cause of chance. 

Funniest2: minijim is learning to be trigger happy

Funniest3: Halos mobile altar, praying tank. "Noonoo please noooo" :D

Hate an love: Hawky aka Saltybird. Found him many times and should be only allowed to use a radio.

Othet: @Johonas i always belived you to be a gentleman but after the trick you pulled on me @stoumont the gloves are off ;)


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Best: Good battle and intense fights.

Worst: Numbers still seem to be a problem.

Funniest: First round in Chemieux: I was in the flag building and one guy came up, shot at me, missed had to reload, he ran away I ran after him and managed to knife him. I thought I wouldn't succeed.

Most hated player: No one.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone.

Other: -

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Best: 80+ players and I found it a great map, at least I had some fun with the MG42 again (so many laying around wasted, did I say great map?).

Worst: numbers and not knowing the map so well

Funniest: Joining my team ranks again, after last week renting out to allies, into a great team (@Schampus and boys!). Unfortunatly we needed 2 volunteers. I waited at first but only Marihutz seemed to want to switch sides for the first round, so I volunteered. Played 3 rounds with allies, first with prozac in his squad and then 1 round with new squad Matsku, achtung, sahad. Was great fun guys. Then Hawk was asking himself what I sturmflim doing, after a not very clear reply from my side he pulled me in HQ squad, with Elmo, Pappa, Sandre, o and Hawk ofcourse. Last 3 rounds I ended up playing the allied squads I was in first. By the way I did not uncover your secrets, but it was weird to 'feel' what the enemy was up to sometimes.

Funniest 2: Amidst all great micro battles, knifing and tumbling tanks, 1 round we had the frontline flag secured. I was running around a bit when one guys from another squad (Middel it was you!) stared driving the flags kubel, but soon he ended up in a bombing hole right in front of me and the kubel got stuck, Middel got out and started running instead leaving the kubel for what it was. I thought 'hey no that kubel aint stuck', jumped into the vehicle, started its engine, and the miracle of the evening happened, I got it safely out of the hole. Pfffft I mean 'DAMN NICE WORK' if I must say so myself, HAHA! I sounded the cars horn, toot toot, our Russian friend recognised the situation and quickly turned back, jumped into the car, did not say thank you, and went on his job...hahaha you drunken basterd! :D

Most hated player: Achtung you killed me 30+ times I believe, damnit how man times I did not see you, good work my Finnish friend!

Most loved/liked player: I have serious dual love hate feelings for everyone Hehe! Triple spy alike problems. SO I love you all, and hate you all depending which side I am on.

Other: At the same time we were fighting our battles, the public server also seemd to have almost 80+ people at a certain moment. :D:D:D I remember the guys asking ourselves, who is playing were the fools and the sane ones.

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Best: Running kowalsky over without even noticing him in frontline

Best2: Tank battles, some were extremely tense for low visibility and the allied tanks could really keep up with their 76 mills and the 105

Worst: Crashed once or twice

Funniest: Flip tank at river crossing on a trench, get two kills on the kill feed: a teamkill and an enemy kill! Just how packed were those trenches.

Funniest2: (Tank starts flipping) "Oh oh ohohohohohoshiioh NOOO" (tank does a 360) "Alright give me some time to catch up"

Most hated player: Noone

Most loved/liked player: Boogie, gameplayer, wolf and the rest for spending an excellent time together

Other: See you next week!

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