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FH2 Campaign #9 "Karelian Wolves" - Battle #10 Ilomantsi will begin in:

FH2 Campaign #9 "Karelian Wolves" is now open! Click on "Campaigns" to sign up!

FH2 Campaign #9: Battle 8 - Nietjärvi - Best/Worst/Funniest

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-FIRST!! (Sorry, never done that before! :D)
-Like D&D ruined Game of Thrones - this map really subverted my expectations. 
-The whole battle felt really really even, but... well someone subverted my expectations.
-Winning a round on both sides!!! Yes! Equalizing the numbers for the horde!!! (I mean for a good batttle). It's always fun :)

Worst: -Aside from me sucking? None.

Funniest: - @Quicksilver @Sir_Kowskoskey What are you doing? :D
-So many little things I laughed during the battle - International squad 1. You're funny as hell and I like playing with you people :D 
-Swapping sides to equalize the number. 
- @alorbe shooting me when I was on top of a rock while defending their side! But equally funny was the part that I accidentally shot him in return a few minutes after. Sorry about that :D 


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Best: Owning at everything we tried.

Best: Making a lot of multiple jeep attacks, it was so fun and good.

Best: Epic defence at Niemela round after round.

Best: Int. Company guys. It was a smooth night.

Worst: Shooting @Sir_Kowskoskey many times with my SMG and he just panic sprays me with PPSH and bags me. :tappingfoot:

Funniest: End of the first round for us at Ahola: (our jeep exploded when we hit the Manure there)

Funniest: Finding @Awisko with his pants down everytime he tried to put a rally near our flag. :jumpgreen:

Funniest: Ended up next to the ammobox at Ahola while we try to cap it. Infinite smoke grenades yay! :partydance:

Funniest: Divisional push to Maki and we tried to avoid a tank and nearly ended up Yroloja.

Funniest: Going berserk against Yroloja at round 2 and attacking the flag constantly without having any RP. Just took vehicles and charged like old Rohirrim style. :pistoldouble:

Funniest: Shooting @Sir_Kowskoskey many times with my SMG and he just panic sprays me with PPSH and bags me. :tappingfoot:

Funniest: Bagging @Papillon or rather, his jeep.:smokingjoint:

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