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World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets


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Lets try to make a friendly betting game.

Place your bets for the next 3 matches.

Guess who wins/draw  +1 point
Guess the exact result  +3 points


@RAnDOOm   Points= 29

@RayderPSG  Points= 37

@Sir_Kowskoskey  Points= 34

@eXHaLe  Points= 25

@Mane_Goddard  Points= 1

@Pr0z4c  Points= 26

@Spieler4  Points=  41

@Erwin  Points=  30

@FunOxO Points= 17

@ALBREIN Points: 4





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11 hours ago, RayderPSG said:

Argentina Vs Iceland / 0-0



France vs Australia = 3-1

Peru vs Denmark = 2-1

Argentina vs Iceland = 2-1

Croatia vs Nigeria = 1-1

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  • RAnDOOm changed the title to World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

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