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A better place to live


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I'm struggling here in Argentina, for what I want, this is a decadent country. The cities covered in filth, the economy is always bad and a bunch of other things. 

Sooooo from your perspective, which country is a good place to live in?
I'm not looking for a big city nor a small village with a population of 700. I speak english and spanish so it won't be a problem in most countries. I would like to know the average salary and the lowest one a 22 years old good looking guy like me can get for any job. By the way, is it easy to find a job? Will it fulfill my needs?

Maybe I'm asking for too much, but I want to have contact with nature, thats really important. Something like a forest, sea shores, rivers, mountains... you know what I mean. Ooh and sports too.


Consider that I will be a stranger and everything will be strange and new for me, I will need to find a place to sleep, eat and all those basic needs.

I appreciate the help and information you can give me.

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Stay put... half of Europe will be at the same level as South America within 10 years anyway, the rate things are going with everything weighted towards the ultra-wealthy and corrupt inept politicians managing things. And much of the USA already seems to be there. The Far East will be the place to be, IMHO.

Scandinavia may be the last place to fall, but getting a permit to live here if you're from outside the EU is harder these days than actually getting rich. 

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Hi! First of all whenever you want to go it is important what skills / education / work experience you have. Knowledge of Spanish and English is not sufficient unless it would be ok for you to do volunteer work (which most of the time mean that you have to pay for many things on your own - i.e. YOU PAY for your work). 

It's tough to get any work permit in Canada unless you have skills that they need + know perfect English AND French.

Despite of what some people may think I would say Germany may be a good start if you would be aiming at working anywhere in Europe (Berlin has loads of people from all around the world), after getting some experience and money you could look somewhere else. Do know though that without any specific skills being a waiter would be the highest that you can aim for at the beginning. Also, I heard from some people from South America that they met with some racism / biases in especially eastern part of Germany.

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I would recommend Lisbon, but we are having a high influx of tourists/workers in the past 2 years.

On a positive side there are alot of new job opportunities. On the negative side there are alot of people that are applying for them.

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