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FH2 Campaign #15: Battle 3 - Butgenbach - Best/Worst/Funniest/Battle Photo Medal

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Best: 100 players from the start! Great teamwork all around. Both sides.

Best2: Close rounds. Very balanced map.

Worst:  - Me trying to be in the arty. I failed.

Funniest: Me failing.

Most hated player: Myself.

Most loved/liked player: -Everyone! 100 players for start to finish almost.. Brilliant.

Best Battle Photo
"Which one shall i kill?"

Other: -Thank you everyone that are joining and playing the campaign. You guys are amazing! 

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Best: Fun map, good vibes. Hunting squads, rallies, and even the odd roadkill

Worst:  M36 sniping me in Chafee across town a milisecond after I kill Pz4

Funniest: Brave little Chafee bouncing KT shell frontally 💪

Most hated: All those little walls in town, hard to maneuver grrr

Most loved: Allies getting our shit together, hooray!

Best Battle Photo: <not found>

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Best: -intense, even battle, lots of action on each flag, different tactics, full server during entire night!
-the action I've done in Stug together with Hetzer, when we destroyed like four, charging on Domain tanks in about 1 minute - that was epic! But I must admit, our infantry did its job by spotting them! 👍

Worst: -some bad choices done by myself

Funniest: -making havoc with @Heyna behind enemy lines! 😁 We've parked ammo truck to resupply ourselves in the forest just outside enemy main! 😂 

Most hated player: -maybe word "hated" is too much here, but when I was running with Panzershreck in my hands and was about to shoot Jackson, @kummitus decided to tk me and accused me of desertion... c'mon Kummi, I know it was the last round and Finnish Vodka hit hard, but really? 🤔😅

Most loved/liked player: - general making havoc with @Heyna :D

Best Battle Photo -

"Found some threesome hiding in the corner...." 😂 

Other: -

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Best: -Shooting  @Boogiewoogiebugleboy and @qufic on 1 mag with walter when they were attacking TrenchesForgottenHope22024-04-1922-03-19.thumb.png.c41cb747dafa7a1fc27e7f401bdd5d00.pngNarr

Spotted guy running between buildings, he was fast asf, took me like full mag to get him but finally narrow alley shot.


Funniest: - 3rd round CQB with @genp dueling and waiting for him to finish shooting all his 15mag from m1 and Colt 1911 not hitting me once close combat XDDDDD in the Church side building - got head from my k98

Leaving main with @Kwiot and just found out by mistake that  @CptBocquier set rally for is mates - all got killed instantly


Most loved/liked player: - @Kwiot Having nice time behind enemy lines.

- Destroying everything what was leaving main with Mines and Shreck,ForgottenHope2 2024-04-19 22-32-26.png

- Coop on Stug, me spotting him shooting - best tank mate to be found :)  


@Voksi for giving me frags - shoot him like 3 times leaveing main with Shreck ambush


Best Battle Photo -Shrecking everything that moves - best shrecker wreckerForgottenHope22024-04-1922-01-58.thumb.png.0dc133147cbecef8896d12cd50a5de0c.png

Other: -Good Job Murica ! it was even battle, a lot of good effort from your Team.

noticed Poles having good performance this time.

ForgottenHope2 2024-04-19 22-15-11.png

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Best: - When i was in hetzer the shot of sherman 76 bounced me that was good actually.

Worst: - Dont remember.

Funniest: - I stole and geballte ladung from an dead body and throwed to stairs while @Mr.ThunderMan chasing me and his mates then the geballte killed all of them :D

Most hated player: - Interesting no one this time :D

Most loved/liked player: - @Superkalasnikov because his sound like a truck sounds satisfying

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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On 4/22/2024 at 1:13 AM, Heyna said:


@Voksi for giving me frags - shoot him like 3 times leaveing main with Shreck ambush



Kurwa gnoju, żebym cie tam więcej nie widział w tych krzakach XD

Yeah that was round 4, I think it was three times in a row, couldn't leave main without getting shot. I was pretty mad about that xD 
I knew you were hiding somewhere in the forest and was hoping to get my revenge but just too dense trees, too hard to see so I just destroyed your truck out of spite and switched to a different part of the map 😅

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