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FH2 Campaign #8: Battle 11 - Herrlisheim - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - Killing allied HQ in Rohrwiller

Worst: - Nothing.

Funniest: -Having fun with Polish squad.

Most hated player: - Um. None.

Most loved/liked player: - 1 Kompanie! Spanish squad for cool photo together after the battle and generally for great friendly rivalry! 

Best Battle Photo - Hello friend!







Other: -

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Best: - use mortar on 5 rounds.

Worst: - nothing

Funniest: ruin a photo of 2 axis soldiers after killing @Spindrifter49

Most hated player: -  none all are cool

Most loved/liked player: - Polish squad for the good vibes and those who spoke Spanish

Most loved/liked player: - all of cc for the good vibes. to have
patience and understand my bad pronunciation

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - well axis good campaing!

and allied with finnish the campaign with honour and balls!! Vamos carajo!!!

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Best: - Playing again with You All after a break

Worst: - 404

Funniest: - 2nd sneaky RP @Ronid @Th3rioN;) doing barrel row in a hanmag 👌

Most hated player: - serial killer @Tutvys 😜 

Most loved/liked player: - Whole Polish kompanie and Spanish players for best photo!

Best Battle Photo - 404

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-The Sawmill of death, west of the city flags.
-I liked the map. Sure it had some small problems, but overall it was great and will work nicely when completely finished.

-I might have to cut down on the alcohol entirely...

-Getting my revenge on @CptBocquier from his sniperwork from previous battle! They were some lucky moments, because you just happened to appear in front of me. Once you just drove a jeep right infront of me and another when you were on an open field I was driving towards :D We did exchange puma vs m24 kills later on aswell :) 
- @Anguita36 for saving my life with his perfectly timed satchel kill in 6th round! I just killed a P4 and crossed a bridge and saw an enemy jagdpanzer looking straight at me and thought "...ok this is it." And then BOOM went the satchel :D 
-The Sawmill of death, west of the city flags!
-Killing @knokworst by accident. He was close to me for a couple of minutes in his mortar, happily firing shells without care in the world and then for some strange reason when I decided to change my location, I accidentally shot an HE round behind him when I was leaving the area... 
-My daredevil moment when I drove through the entire city from north to south and survived. Think I was spotted though as I did not get away to safety and was killed maybe 150 meters south from the city.
-(sorry but I did laugh at Papillon getting kicked for AFK) :D 

Most loved/liked player: 
-Allied spotters and comms for a great evening!
-Axis tankers for a fun evening!

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