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Hello, I would be interested in the mood in the CMP community for the upcoming Battlefield 5. Will you buy it and play it, or ignore it.

I plan to buy, but I'm skeptical. Disappointed what has become of the game and the community. But at least I'll take a look at it. It's a different game for me than the old parts and has very little in common with the old parts. My personal break was then part 3 and 4 I just tested it. Let's leave the play for free stories like BF2 and Heroes outside. Appearance and the Frostbite engine are great. But that will be enough. Battlefield 1 also had no long-term motivation.
For ww2 lovers are currently many other interesting games on the market.

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Battlefield has been crap since Battlefield 2 IMHO. Moses Herodez has been binging Battlefield 1 and it just looks nonsensical. Good FPS practise I suppose, which is why he kicks my ass in FH2. He played the free to play Battlefield V weekend a few weeks back and that looked even more nonsensical. Utter rubbish from EA games, as usual. He'll probably buy it for  X-box....

I bought Post Scriptum and all it needs is more players! But to be honest, graphically it's not that much better than FH2, apart from the tank interior modelling and explosions. Even joined WAW to play their campaign which is still not up and running.
Hell Let Loose looks awesome too.

Specs for both are going to be a problem for the people in our community who are playing on potatoes. Upgraded to a Vega 64 so I could play these games in 4K in Freesync.

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1 hour ago, RayderPSG said:

I tried the beta and didn't feel comfortable with the game, everything was too superficial, too decorated, well...unreal IMO. The atmosphere didn't bring me to a WWII one. Maybe too romantic, but FH2 just humiliates BF V in that sense. 

So I ll look for other options and stay playing FH2 as long as it s possible 

Just a casual game

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Main reason I wont buy it is that my pc wont run it, but if it would, I wouldn't buy it neither. I haven't like anyhting of what I've seen since second 1 of the release trailer. If I had the possibility, I would buy Hell Let Loose instead, for sure, even before that Post Scriptum, which is better than BFV too, but way behind HLL.

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