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FH2 Campaign #3 Scrim #2 Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: -Playing campaign mod

Best2: New maps. Ilomantsi and Aniskala look very good. Ilomantsi will be great with some tweaking.

Best3: killing @AL-SAHAD so many times.

Worst: -numbers could ve been bettter. Still good for a scrim

Worst2: Being killed by @AL-SAHAD so many times. 

Funniest: My english confusions when communicating with teammates. 

Most hated player: -Me 

Most loved/liked player: -@JhonKiller111 really good info. Always attentive to orders. Everyone who joined. 

Other: Looking forward for the real battle! 

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Best: - I enjoyed a lot, didn't take so much plaisir on this game since a looong time

Worst: - Numbers. Didn't noticed it during the battles but we were only 30 vs 30... 
Also getting killed by the server because "i'm not allowed to destroy enemi vehciules in main base" whereas it was faaar away from main xD 

Funniest: - Was covering the rp with my mg42 when i heard a soviet tank incoming. It was the opened one, I said "Ok i will move from behind and kill the driver". So i did it, and then i turned and what I saw? The graal for mg, a full squad spawning in front of me. Ohoh my god that was a carnage xD 
Also on the round before the last one, my 5 first kills were only @GeoPat, killed him at least 15 during this battle xD 

Most hated player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey, just because. 

Most loved/liked player: - All our squad, we made a very good job. And all who joined

Other: - Battle or not battle next week? 

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Best: - 1st map, very good 4me (unfortunately, I only played it).

Worst: - X

Funniest: - @AL-SAHAD On first map.. You, your knife and your jumping skills trying to kill me 😂😂 (flag, buildings near bridge).

Most hated player: - X

Most loved/liked player: - X

Other: - Waiting for #1 Battle.

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Best:  Great maps, great fights, it was a good time XD

Worst not very populated, but iit wasn't the worst.

Funniest: Arty Timeeeee!!!!! XD next time Hq can ask me if they need people for using the arty.

Most hated player: - X

Most loved/liked player: - X

Other: hope the next battle is coming soon XP

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Best: Final round at Riverside absolutely epic gameplay.

Worst: Numbers

Funniest: Same as TomTom. And discussion about Yorkshire tea.

Most hated player: Gunghoo and Ensign for not showing up. Playing with you guys is always hilarious.

Most loved/liked player: Whoever was on Axis arty in the last round - got my highest score ever because of your skills.

Other: Looking so much forward to these maps in the campaign. All of them were epic.

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