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Here is my 10cents about it.....  the FHT mod is public domain. Everybody can download it and play the fht-minimod. period. So set up a fh0.7 / fht / fhsw / bf1918 campaign if you want.

I dont understand your difficulties about it, you are having a discussion with the ''committee'' right here.  As Kowskosky said above: '' there are no branch managers nor branches here. Just a group of people having fun together''.

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So when will you have you meet up ? I'd like to join because I'm willing to run a FinnWars42 campaign, the gameplay is perfect for a tournament and you can play it with low numbers. 

Besides, map editing is not needed, Finns may have a rough time sometimes but if you can have a Finn regiment, soviets may encounter lots of troubles :D 

In the meantime, is it possible to have a restricted forum section, dedicated to BF1942 campaign planning ? 

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Guest Buddydog

I have decided to give my blessing to whatever you guys decide to do.  

I am entering a phase of my life where free time will be ever more decreasing.  It is not healthy for my future to continue to commit to online gaming tournaments.  It would be more preferable for me to stop these tournament things now rather than at a future juncture, such as law school.

Good luck guys, best wishes.

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