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  1. Buddydog

    A better place to live

    USA is looking for new immigrants. We have an extremely welcoming immigration policy.
  2. Buddydog

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    HAha Germany Won. Brazil vs. Switzerland: 3-1
  3. Buddydog

    Relationship Advice Thread Mk III

    I hate ghosting. Hate it, hate it, hate it.
  4. Buddydog

    The Paradox of Tolerance

    Evidence in support claims: Arrest of homseschool parents for religious reasons. https://www.thelocal.de/20170406/german-parents-go-to-eu-court-after-police-seized-kids-in-homeschool-raid. Compulsory schooling in a state school in a society that promotes nudism (https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/naked-germany/index.html) is absurd, because it forces individual families to conform to the state's values on morality and ethics. Forced compulsion in a particular progressive framework is no different that mandating that all students participate in a Hitler youth. As for Britain (It is all over the news, here is an analysis: Regarding British Children: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/alfie-evans-was-given-4-drugs-just-before-he-died-report Now, we must analyze the totality of German and British actions. Allowing the enormous influx of Islamic refugees, which has led to an increase in crime, while silencing traditional voices indicates a deliberate progressive shift by the government to essentially annihiliate its own culture. This has nothing to do with Islam. I am a huge fan of Islam, which might do Europe some good considering the moral degradation of Europe. When we ban something for what we perceive to be extremist, then we can only reaffirm our own biases and set inadvertently establish our own extremist system. Germany, for example, has had a shift of extremist over the last century, with Communist to Nazi revolutions, to the now idendity politics, progressive Neo-Marixt view forced on society. Yes, perhaps I had a late night exaggeration there, but it is on the precipice. Your statement of approval of such an action indicates this intolerance. If I was to advocate state-sponsored arrests of gay rapists here, I would probably be banned. Just shows the double standards of tolerance of everything but traditional people groups.
  5. Buddydog

    The Paradox of Tolerance

    Freedom of speech should be absolute. Germany for example is starting to become even worse off than East Germany ever was due to restrictions on speech and state sponsored persecutions of Christians and conservatives. Britain is also becoming an extremist dictatorship with their killings of children and imprisoning of reporters who report on stories the government narrative does not support.
  6. Buddydog


    Does anyone have a working BF2/FH2? I can't get them to work... Yes, I may have some time for FH2 during the summer.
  7. Buddydog

    Battlefield 5=Facepalm

    Just utter facepalm.
  8. Buddydog


    I have decided to give my blessing to whatever you guys decide to do. I am entering a phase of my life where free time will be ever more decreasing. It is not healthy for my future to continue to commit to online gaming tournaments. It would be more preferable for me to stop these tournament things now rather than at a future juncture, such as law school. Good luck guys, best wishes.
  9. Buddydog


    Can't, working all weekend. Maybe next weekend.
  10. Buddydog


    Yea, I was in the middle of a BF1918 campaign then. No way I was going to migrate the branch and deny my obligations then. I had thought that I could take F|H from Lister and reunify the community under fairer leadership. But whatever, all is in the past now. I can be all on board now here if given a green light, a discussion with the Committee would also be nice.
  11. Buddydog


    I was told I was supposed to be offered to migrate the branch over to here as early as last summer. But I was never contacted. Literally all what I have been waiting for is a PM from someone offering me to take the branch here. If I get that respect, then I will act.
  12. Buddydog


    1. The CMP admins should really contact me about this campaign. I had inside sources that I was supposed to be contacted months ago. 2. FHT mod is for FHT approved campaigns. We are thinking...in very dangerous territory... 3. I can organize something, but it would be through the FHT remnant unless if circumstances change...
  13. Buddydog


    Surprised I haven't gotten a PM about this... I can move the branch over, now that Forgotten Honor has disbanded and I have no obligations to them anymore. Also, as I was the last Director of Forgotten Honor, I would need to have some say over use of fht mod So many plans were made for BF1918, would be a shame to go to waste.
  14. Note, different models of the same type are condensend into one. (Ie. regular Imperial Tie and regular First Order Tie) Tie Fighter: Most common Imperial and First Order fighter. Seen in Episode 4-8, Rogue One, and Rebels. Tie Interceptor: Imperial fighter with enhanced speed and armament. Seen in Episode 6 and Rebels. Tie Defender: Highly advanced Imperial fighter reserved for elite pilots. Seen in Rebels. Tie Advanced: Advanced Imperial fighter reserved for high ranking officers such as Darth Vader and Inquisitors. Seen in Episode 4 and Rebels. Tie Striker: Experimental air superiority fighter used to defend valuable Imperial installations. Seen in Rogue One. Tie Special Forces: First Order fighter for special forces or advanced pilots. 2 Seated. Seen in Episodes 7 and 8. Tie Silencer: Advanced First Order tie reserved for high ranking officers such as Kylo Ren. Seen in Episode 8. V-Wing: Fighter leftover from the Republic, used in the early Imperial era. Seen in Episode III.

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