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Looking For HQ And Officers To Lead In Campaign #10!


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FH2 Campaign #10

This campaign is due to open on 10th September, with a scrim on the 17th September.

We are currently looking for players to lead as HQ for both Allied and Axis teams

We also need Officers, LT's and NCO's for:

Axis International Regiment (CO / LT's / NCO's)


If you're interested in any of the spots, or the leadership has already been
decided for any of the language regiments, then please PM @Quicksilver


Without HQ and other leaders, the campaign will be delayed until people volunteer!

You won't be left on your own, and you'll be supported by other players and the admin team.

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We want a Hungarian Depth Reconnaissance Regiment! ☠️
seriously, how many player numbers need should we have in a separate regiment? it would greatly help the usefulness of Hungarian players and eliminate the tensions in the international regiment that occur with players from other Central European nations. 😅

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