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FH2 Campaign #9: Battle 7 - Ihantala - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - Close rounds yet winning the battle

Worst: - Getting Outlawd so very often and DPs everywhere

Funniest: - Admins @Sir_Kowskoskey and @Quicksilver harassing poor @caeno verbally

Best Battle Photo - In Finnish we have this word called "Häröpallo" and this picture depicts that word precisely - also the NCO's facial expression is exactly how it would go in the military witnessing such an insightful event


Here's a spurdo spärde military depiction, somehow it also resembles the moment of victory picture chaos before everyone's at position and not doing something like shooting or throwing smokes 😄

Yligersandin normipäivä

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Comrade trigger_lock sets up his turntable on an available stony outcrop. His intention (after a hard fought win) is to entertain the valiant Russian troops with some uplifting traditional music


note: imperialist pigs may want to claim rights to these songs of the people :) 

"gonna rock, gonna rock, rock this rally point inside out"

" I am a rock I, am a raaalllly point"

"Is only a rally point and roll, but I like it"




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-My favorite map on pubbie and atleast I had a lot of fun on this map even though I wasn't as effective as I had hoped.
-Got to fly the FW190 for one round and didn't die once!
-The couple of lucky times enemy tanks didn't see me and got them instead!

-The cannon Stuka for me. I was completely useless with it :D 

-Me happily driving a jeep from main to our flag and @Mr.ThunderMan shot me thinking I was enemy flanker. :D
-Driving a tank into one of those damn trenches and getting stuck for over 5 minutes in the end of first round. I was very suprised I survived that. 
- @Quicksilver and @Sir_Kowskoskey... your harassement lawsuits are being delivered now! ;)

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