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FH2 Campaign #5: Battle 8 Faid Pass - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: -  Back from the dead like the original British Armed Forces:


Worst: -  All the stuff you bump into on the map

Funniest: -  Rushing the flag with the BAR and my mouse button didn't work.  Confused enemy hesitated then shot the idiot trying to  jab them in the face with a BAR.

Most hated player: -  HaloAl of course

Most loved/liked player: -  Matsku for coming back and bringing order to our shambolic teamplay.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -  Let's keep trying to get numbers up.

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Best: - 288 best squad on each round, winning a nice round

Worst: - Loosing pissed me off, since most of our misplays are due a chaotic CC or people not listening to orders

Funniest: - Hum my "oopsie" with the mortar on our RP in Lonely Mountain, or maybe defending with so much energy Mountain that i found myself with no ammo in the trench, trying to cut yankees to pick their kit up !

Most hated player: - Was bailing from tanks and planes a moto ? When i manage to get down a plane with a mg34, i would be pleased to have the kill on the killfeed, not see the pilot bailing and being killed by the explosion so he doesn't even appear as a suicide or smthg in the killfeed. Shame on you who did this.

Most loved/liked player: - People keeping focus and concentration despite everything

Best Battle Photo - NOT THIS TIME

Other: - @HaLoAL your catapult bf109 was damn fun ! (not a battle photo)

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Virus... Well, it's quite a standard situation in such casual games with the casual community, you know.


Best: Well... As pilot, I'm pleased that this time Allied tried to fight back in the air and used AA. This is much more interesting than playing against a passive team, you know. It was especially interesting to have dogfight against two planes where I had no margin for mistake. 

Worst: Numbers I suppose. And scout plane that has a significant impact on the course of events

Most hated player: AA, it's obvious

Most loved/liked player: 228

Other: Thank you to those who helped me. Also, Allied pilots, you know, I'm not going to give in. I hope you understand why. 

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