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BF1918 Campaign #1: Battle 6 Ypres - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: You cannot call the Bf1918 Maps we have played so far unbalanced, but I agree that this one was difficult for the Entente, but as Entente has shown in 1 round they can also win this.

Worst: the german spawn point was just on this "main base line"


Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: 



german-Entente photo


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7 hours ago, Granate said:

 You cannot call the Bf1918 Maps we have played so far unbalanced

good joke😂 .I'm not complaining. But you clearly had advantages on the previous cards.  Personally, I do not blame anyone.  The card selection is huge.

Best: - There were bright lights last night for the Entente. 5-10 more players would have done us well but also the other team on the map. I have often seen in the overview that half or more was dead and so gabs a slow flow of the game on which the defenders could adjust better. Otherwise, we could have aligned more by permanent pressure, so it was difficult. But not impossible. The card itself, I think very successful. Perfect would have been the card without vehicles with only stationary weapons. My opinion. Many possibilities to enter buildings, many angles and many opportunities for hiding.Just because of the bright spots, yesterday it was a bit more fun than usual.Thanks for the organization of the evening.

Worst: - pity that yesterday there were not that many players. I have the feeling that it was less than the weeks before.

Funniest: - The Rocket Vehicle which flew through the image during the restartes of the Card 😁

Most hated player: - nobody.

Most loved/liked player: - From my team I would suggest @CptBocquierfor an award for his constant good performance over the evening.  @GranateThank you for supporting us for 2 laps i believe. 

Best Battle Photo -

All photos in my 1942 folder are unfortunately blank. No content to see. Too bad.

Other: - it was an intense fight on both sides. There was no possibility for the Entente, it was not impossible. But very hard to break through. My theory, if there had been more players on the server yesterday, then the game flow would have been a little faster and more chaotic. That would make it easier for the Entente to get through. More chaos would have done us good. But so everyone could relax at their MG and vehicles and defend the road down.But we have to take it as it comes. But also a better evening for the Entente. 


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Best: The map was beautiful. I heard a lot of complaining about how  the British couldn't win the map, but we definitely could. Was also a lot of fun sitting in the Autocar machine gun and racking up kills.

Worst: The kill zone the Germans set up at the crossroads after the church flag, was really nasty. Classic machine gun cross fire. Good work on the part of the Germans though, there was no way the British could get through unless we took the second flag.

Funniest: Turning the corner and seeing 5 Germans looking right at me. Instant death.

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo -

Other: When are they going to add 1914 British uniforms?

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But if we do another Battlefield1918 tournament with CMP we may should balance teams and maps a bit better before the start,

maybe we could make a vote for the 10 maps. If the german army is said to be strong we could also change to austrian-hungarian or ottoman army for central powers on some maps.




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Best: - Being able to win a round on a difficult map. I was proud to demonstrate that breakthrough was possible ! Also dealing with 3 armored car in one street and destroying all of them just before being blown up by a nade. I had so much fun this evening, and i want to thank every entente soldier and of course every german soldier for that.

Worst: - ABC line for the Entente was not well designed.

Funniest: - Of course, the flying trucks in the loading screen !

Most hated player: - The (entente) guy i left in the rolls roys which i drove to the 5th flag who nearly tk my erhardt i managed to capture... he then didn't see the enemy armored car coming and blew up, and i didn't have enough hp to survive a fight. We lose the flag and a round on that action imo ! 

Most loved/liked player: - Guys who kept fighting and trying to find tactics to breakthrough, and also all the soldier who took for example the repair truck to help the progression of the armored car !

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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