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I think RUSE(Eugen/Ubisoft) is a good game(up to 8 players). Is like a "WW2 age of empires". But it isn't on steam anymore, i mean, you can't buy it from steam. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R.U.S.E.

Why you can't buy RUSE from steam -> https://www.geek.com/games/r-u-s-e-will-never-return-to-steam-thanks-to-expired-military-licenses-1651134/

"Steel Division 1944"(Paradox and Eugen), might have the "spirit" of RUSE...


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Im playing 0AD lately, its a nice game and playing multiplayer has showed me how strategic it can be. A good strategy and teamwork makes the round for sure. There are many many different civilizations each with their advantages/disadvantages and unique buildings/units. Graphics are awesome for a game of this kind

Pros: it's completely free (thats the most important thing imo), crossplatform (windows, macOS, linux) and its moddable
Cons: perfomance is not the best sometimes




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