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FH2 Campaign #4: Scrim - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Bestits on again

Worst: Tech problems and not being able to be around for the newbies

Funniest: mexican stand off with @Capt.Mike killing each other with knifes. 

Funniest2: Ensign: " why are you on the japanese side!?!?!"  Humledrik: " Why am i on the japanese side????" No one still knows why and more importantly how long he was fightin there 😂

Most hated player: huah...

Most loved/liked player:  everyone who understands why a scrim is played, that the guys doing  the heavy lifting are not getting paid and doing it on their free time. And more importantly know where, and when to give the feedback.

Other:  potatomode!

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Best: Playing with the community again while drinking copious amounts of beer.

Worst: Some crashing and map based issues, but it's better to weather the storm now rather than during the campaign.

Funniest: Map out-of-bounds kill zones being reversed on that one map, resulting in everyone dying in their spawns.

Most hated player: Prozac, Matsku and Cpt. Mike, you're hard to love, but harder to hate.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone from the CAB. Aside from some occasional tactical mishaps, I think we performed very well on a base-level.

Other: brave.png.e78b5f5b0ff73eee415e12b7b246de69.png

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Best: Return of Pacific. I've been waiting for this day

Worst: Crashing and sometimes an imbalance in favor of allied, but this is just my opinion and maybe I don't know something

Funniest: I think @Sir_Kowskoskey will remember Khalkin Gol for a long time

Most hated player: No one. And most likely some ppl hated me after scrim... or just remembered me ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭

Most loved/liked player: 2IG. HQs and the rest of the division did a GJ K4awGNw.gif

Other: Just... why not? xd

21 hours ago, Druidix said:

Funniest: @HaLoAL who get out of his tank after killed me, teabagged me and then jumped back in the tank xD


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Best: - Campaign has started! 

Best 2:  New maps in!

Best3: Numbers for a scrim. not bad. Hope we keep them

Worst: - Technical issues, better to have them on a scrim thoug

Funniest:   this

On 10/20/2018 at 11:54 AM, svakidan said:

Map out-of-bounds kill zones being reversed on that one map, resulting in everyone dying in their spawns.

Most hated player: - No one. 

Most loved/liked player: -  @LEGION-XV

Other: -  meh

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