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FH2 Campaign #3: Battle 8 Ogeldow - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: -Another FH2 night. Rounds won by both teams. 

Best 2: Sneaky sneaky rayder. 

Worst: -No headphones, not in my proper PC...strange feeling

Worst2: No fabri no party

Worst3: idk what happenned to my screenshots. One of them was teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey my own hq. 

Worst4: general numbers

Funniest: -Those kills by @Pichu1199 

Funniest 2: playing for ruskies in @SturmFlim s squad. Destroyed the mighty sujuk  @WOLFXL panther s ass, killed my own HQ and my own 2nd Co @SgtAlex. Not bad, sorry guys. 

Most hated player: -@OpaHoppenstedt for not letting me knife him. Took  a pic, then laptop freezed...and obiously he killed me. 

Most loved/liked player: -@Pichu1199 and @Darkpotato

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -guys, come back from holidays.

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