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  1. Strategy Games anyone?

    I heard that Empire Earth still has an online community which runs servers, got to check it out because i love this game(although im not very good XD)
  2. Team Cup map crash

    No we installed the map over the link(multiple times) and then started the game. I somehow got a very strange error report that had nothing to do with the map, try to get a pic this afternoon
  3. Back to Battlefield 2

    Somebody here who wants to play tonight. Will be on ts
  4. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    Nickname: @jay919 Favored Weapon: Anything that shoots _________ Admin Edit Has joined a team ? - No Yet
  5. Back to Battlefield 2

    Hi, are some people here who want a blast from the past and play some plain old, unmodded Battlefield 2/Special Forces via Bf2 Hub? Touched it again yesterday after ages of absence and got this feeling of playing a brand new, awesome game like the first time. Lets get a squad together, maybe even a team and have a good time!!!
  6. Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    Hi alle miteinander, gibts bezüglich der neu angekündigten Kampange (FREUDE!!!) schon Pläne für deutsche Regimente?
  7. Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    Hab leider keine zeit im moment muss auf die nächste kampagne warten...
  8. Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    Fast hast dich nur mit dem Kaliber vertan, nicht Demokratien sondern FREIHEIT UND GERECHTIGKEIT. Und kleine Freiheitsstatuen und Coca Cola. Während George W. Bush im Anzug während des Schießens was aus der Bibel vorliest
  9. Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    Meld ich mich auch mal zum Dienst. MORGEN IHR LUSCHEN!!!