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FH2 #3: Map Testing for Next Campaign


Forgotten Hope 2

Event details

The next FH2 campaign is just around the corner, and we have progressed quite good on the mapping front.


We would like to do a test of some of the maps and invite everyone to participate. 

We will take a peek at the following maps:

  • Silver Fox (done by @Matsku on basis of a port of the BF2142 map done by @hitm4k3r )
  • Aniskala (done by @GeoPat on basis of the map Operation Avalanche)
  • Herrlisheim (done by @Papillon on basis of the existing Herrlisheim map from Helix)
  • Karelian Isthmus (a port of Arad to the Continuation War theatre by @Pr0z4c)

Further maps that are in the making but not ready yet are Invasion of Tornio (done by @Watchtower on basis of a donated map from @KeiMummy), Ilomantsi (done by @SgtAlex, also donated by KeiMummy ) and Sinimaed (done by @Airshark79, also donated by KeiMummy )

Here are the files for map testing:


Download and exract to your bf2/mods.

IMPORTANT! Make a backup of the cmp_minimod folder found in Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\levels beforehand, because that will be overwritten and you cannot play on 762 #1 with the new files. Just copy back in after map testing is over.

Until then.

Regards, @Papillon


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