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Happy Holidays!


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I wanted to wish all you fellas happy holidays, whatever you might be celebrating! Thanks for making my 2017 a buttload better than it would have otherwise been.

In honor of the shortest days of the year, I'll share with you my favorite winter solstice story.



In Norse mythology, the great god Odin rode an eight-legged white horse named Sleipnir, a supernatural beast capable of leaping great distances. At the height of Yuletide—on the day after the winter solstice—Odin led a great hunting party across the sky in celebration of the return of the sun.

Children would place their boots by the fireplace and fill them with treats for Sleipnir. Odin, commonly depicted as a bearded, mysterious old man, then repaid them for their kindness by leaving food, candy and gifts in their stead.

Odin had a son—Baldur—together with Frigga, the goddess of Love. Baldur was the God of Light and Spring, and all things right and good.

Following his mother's prophetic nightmare in which Hel, the goddess who ruled the underworld, took him into her realm, Baldur was killed with an arrow carved from mistletoe. Fortunately, Frigga was able to bring her son back to life, but not before her tears had turned into pearly white berries on the mistletoe plant.

The gods decreed that whoever should stand beneath the mistletoe from this day forth, no harm would befall them; only a kiss—a token of love.


Stay safe, stay happy, thank you for 2017!

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