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FH2 Campaign #15: Battle 5 - La Gleize - Best/Worst/Funniest/Battle Photo Medal

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Best: Once again everyone that has joined the campaign.

Best2: Great numbers once more. Lets keep it going!

Worst: My left shoulder. Cant really play good while being in pain.

Funniest: -Me using the Hanomag. Really useful to mow down enemies and create havoc and chaos.

Most hated player: Everyone that kills me. Joking. 😆

Most loved/liked player:-Everyone that kills me. Not joking.  🥰

Best Battle Photo -
"First round of the battle. Just me running out of mainbase to get spots for arty. Nothing special. ^^"

Other: Thank you everyone that continues to join our campaigns. Much Love!

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Best: killing @RayderPSG just after he placed RP and stopping Your attack - You almost had us mate 😜

Worst: -Forest fights...

Funniest: Also scene almost like from Saving Private Ryan - we helped our jeep that met Russians' truck by flanking it from south of the road. Epic! Who was there?

Most hated player: - 404

Most loved/liked player: - @Th3rioN for his commitment

Best Battle Photo - "Ambush Time"



Other: -


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On 5/5/2024 at 3:09 PM, genp said:

Best: killing @RayderPSG just after he placed RP and stopping Your attack - You almost had us mate 😜

BASTAAAARD! I was like oi oi oi, he got my whole attack now. Of course i knew you were going to destroy the rp. At least i had a relief: "It's Gen, my friend, if this happens , be against him and his group "  


Best: Forest and sawmill fighting. 

Best2:Map. Room to improve, but loved the layout . So far enjoying this map side a lot , gg @SgtAlex

Worst: -

Funniest: -

Poor @_H_ , he leaves his usual corner camping and this happens 😅




Most hated player: no one

Most loved/liked player: everyone

Best Battle Photo -

"Defense is Set up"


Other: thank you everyone! 

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But your attempt was very good - we were almost completely in La Gleize so if your team spawned you would just walk through the flag... but almost can make big difference 😉

So not especially killing you @RayderPSG was best here but preventing flag from falling on last possible moment from someone who is very good at taking flags 😏

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Best: - it had an end

Worst: - we lost 

Funniest: - nothing special

Most hated player: -  no one

Most loved/liked player: -everyone

Best Battle Photo -

                                                                                                                                   💤 😴 💤


Other: -

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34 minutes ago, Mr.ThunderMan said:

You know that blind spotting is against the rules in the campaign? 🫣

i know but if you check i didnt spot anyone just checking where i shoot with it i dont know if is that against the rules

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