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FH2 Campaign #15: Battle 2 - Elsenborn Ridge - Best/Worst/Funniest/Photo Medal

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Best: STG ZF4 is OP balance it xD 

@Kwiot shooting inf from panther front MG me being a Panzer ass cover xD 

Worst: - @Kwiotgetting angry about amount of bazzokas shooting him, poor guy xD 

Funniest: -Sending panzers to attack ... Castle 1st round

@Kwiot flipping Panzer 4 

@350ping_nobully trying to get down from ridge he killed him self falling xD screen012.thumb.png.18498fc326aee3653f9befc6fe266087.png

Most hated player: -CMP @Hawk he killed me like every round at least once and i tried to Gebalte Chaffe :D 

Most loved/liked player: - @EL_Miguel for really good performance @350ping_nobully For leading and allowing free roam tactics @Superkalasnikov For being a funny guy @Kwiot for being best comrade and secundans 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

During last round a polish squad attempt to take Ridge, they failed in ambush, i cut them off all with and rally with  Rambo style Comando kit from main.image.thumb.png.eb239deef8e0bad0b3dd9361183495eb.pngimage.thumb.png.5a13436b67fba302d33cbaf338758c05.pngimage.thumb.jpeg.714fef575be14e13dab886cf140eb293.jpeg


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Best: -The action of the map 👍

Worst: - Eh i dont remember i have bad thing

Funniest: We both threw grenades at each other and killed each other at the same time @Mr.ThunderMan :D

Most hated player: - @aquintus dude just leave me alone , doesnt matter what im on a flag alltime you are there for kill me , castle , lumber , elsenborn , when im somewhere you too , just leave me be 😂

Most loved/liked player: - Should be @EL_Miguel bcz of his good infatry performance , both of us tactics like same haha we always meet on defend and attack positions :D

Best Battle Photo -

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- I've enjoyed the camp battle after the break - tanking as well as playing as infantry. It was good cooperation between tanks and infantry in my squad.

- scoped STG44

- FG42 - i don't know if it was improved by the devs, but it's a blast now! :D

Worst: -

- panzer IV flipping over as usually... I don't get why it is so difficult to fix it by the FH2 devs... this tank feels and behaves like its center of mass was located on top of the turret...

- spam of bazookas... (Toy Story meme insert here with "bazookas everywhere")

- seems that Stoumont map isn't going to be played this camp.. I was hoping to play that one... meh... meh... meh...

Funniest: -

- Blowing allied tank with panzerfaust, then coming to enemy flag just to rearm by the ammo box, then coming back to hunting for an another tank 😂

Most hated player: -nobody this time

Most loved/liked player: - good actions and cooperation with @Heyna and good infantry support by my squadmates when I was driving Panzer IV

Best Battle Photo -

 Panzergruppe on the prowl!


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On 4/12/2024 at 11:27 PM, Mr.ThunderMan said:

Best: - Teamspeak chattery

Worst: - Axis camo, can't see those god damn jerries in the forest

Funniest: - @BaskaBommijust ramming us head first into @DonbasCossacktruck

Best Battle Photo -


That made me realise! I got in @BaskaBommi jeep three times in a row and everytime he destroyed the jeep, twice killing me instantly and once losing it in the water.......

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