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False positive ?


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today I've finished to dl Ac unity (after 3-4 days), using a torrent from this website (website link removed by Quicksilver)
Of course, Malwarebytes as find 2 "crack tools agent" in the crack files. In normal times, I don't run programs with those kind of things, for exemple i've remove GTA V few months ago for the same. But now i've a little bit more knowledges, i'm asking if i can run it. Seems, if i'm not wrong, that anti malwares detect it as malicious program for incite people to use proper versions. 
So can I? 

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Well... Cracks are sometimes suspicious. I had a "free" copy of NFSU2, which actually tried to turn my system into a part of a botnet. I'd suggest testing it out on another system on a virtual machine first if you're suspicious. Then again, I've seen virus and malware scanners detect cracks and CD key generators as 'harmful' at an ever increasing rate, so you might be right about the false positives.

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