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FH2 Campaign #9: Battle 9 - Studienka - Best/Worst/Funniest

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-Playing for the full battle even though I was dead tired.
-Summertime! ;)
-I almost drove to the river with my Puma, but somehow I managed to drive on the edge and not get submerged.

-Noticed the summertime is here and server's not full all the time

-Me trying to help out @WOLFXL in the last round and almost every time I got out of the tank to repair, I got killed by arty! I think I only survived once without arty killing me and all the other times had to wait for spawn and run back to the tank. 
-I almost drove to the river with my Puma, but somehow I managed to drive on the edge and not get submerged. :D 
-Some TS chatter on squad and CC
-I was happy I managed to survive and drive to the west side of the map from north with my puma ONCE and then the round ended in less than a minute. 
-The many failed attempts to sneak toward Riverbank flagzone only to get killed multiple times by allies just when I was getting close to it, but that one time I was just sneaking around the flag and got lots of kills :D 
- @Magnet_Butt was helping with the numbers and then he was next to some allied tank which I satcheled and got him aswell :D Sorry, but it's always more fun to kill people from your own regiment :D 

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Worst and the Funniest: I was helping with the numbers so I joined to the russians for 2 battles. First thing was I accidently ran over my SQ leader with a truck so it was very sus. I was not a spy I promise :D and also I didnt know that I can destroy friendly rp-s so it was a lesson when enemy vehicle and a full squad is close to the rally dont drop the 3kg bomb xd


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Best: -

Worst: -

Funniest: - seeing @BaskaBommi and co driving from south main to attack riverside flag while driving my studebaker to sneak on bryli, turned around and played bumper cars and ended up blowing up him + his kubel, unfortunately didnt get a video but a meme was made


Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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