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Are there any NEW Battlefield 2 game disks anywhere?

Buzz Adams

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Guest HochuDeutschmeister

As far as I know New ones are not available any more . But there is nothing to say against used ones. Mine were scrached and I bought a almost unused Battlefield 2 Classic Adition on a fleemarket  and since than use them. If the instruktionbook is still in it you can use that code. The argument "maybe the former user still uses the code" is useless cause some guys use an " code creator" so even if you use a "new" one a code creator can creat  your code randomly. And than you have to do that too. For FH2 use only take the link of Exhale cause it is better it inkludes several tools just for FH 2

Good Luck

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A reminder not to post links to the standalone version of Forgotten Hope 2 in our forums or on Discord.

FH2 still relies on some files from Battlefield 2 and these are still under copyright protection with Electronic Arts. As such, until BF2 becomes abandonware and any legal ownership is removed, please do not post links to the standalone version of the mod. There are plenty of other places to find the link.

@Buzz Adams if you want the discs, then the best option is to look on eBay for someone selling second hand.

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