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UEFA Champions League 2019/20 - Place your bets!


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Lets do a friendly betting game again like we did in the past
Everyone can play
Place your bets for the next Champions League matches

Guess who wins/draws  +1 point
Guess the exact result  +3 points



@RAnDOOm - x Points
@RayderPSG - x Points
@kummitus - x Points
@Sir_Kowskoskey - x Points
? - x Points
? - x Points

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On 12/16/2019 at 1:39 PM, RAnDOOm said:

BEE4E1F2-E4A9-4CE3-B454-D7878A863659.png Borussia Dortmund vs PSG 7929A430-99EA-44AE-B6CF-B8C67F5992AD.png   x-x (0-2)

A3706F65-11C0-4B7E-94C3-402D062EDC3A.png Real Madrid vs Manchester City CA9CFB26-560C-4021-A84C-9E21CA95B6D2.png   3-1

CE654FEB-638D-4E2C-9572-D28DADDC9183.png Atalanta vs Valencia 8B3DFEAE-EAC7-4A72-BE69-E697165751E6.png  2-0

4E7EB741-1023-44F2-9C67-86C80E7C5243.png Atlético de Madrid vs Liverpoo l3ADC1C9A-E71B-446C-A74D-B0C58FBCBE07.png   x-x (1-1)

FD51660F-822D-43A0-92EA-7F4320F5D1C3.png Chelsea vs Bayern D52AD6E8-4CA9-428E-B7DF-5E5E8D210D4D.png  1-2

541B2E9E-3046-47D5-AFE2-2393F93FA198.png Lyon vs Juventus juventosWhite.PNG  0-4

9185C666-08FE-4E95-A403-637821B4B2EE.png Tottenham vs Leipzig RB_Leipzig_4.PNG  1-3

63FED2D9-7D03-4958-A7E4-BBFCF4F8B4F8.png Napoli vs Barcelona 50722DB8-9A9B-4619-ABDC-7267FB6D29A3.png  1-1

Missed this yesterday. Liverpool and psg would have been my guesses but would have been zero poeng anyways

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