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  1. Delete the installer and run this one: https://dl.cmp-gaming.com/updater/cmp_t/fh2-community-updater-sp.zip Make sure that you don't have any antivirus/firewall that could be blocking the installation. Also this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3140245/update-to-enable-tls-1-1-and-tls-1-2-as-default-secure-protocols-in-wi
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  3. A new version of the FH2 Community updater is included in the FH2 Launcher. Try to use the repair function that is in the FH2 launcher.
  4. Bayard Posted by: Eat Uranium 14.07.2020 18:00 GMT Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. Today we have a bit of a special Bastille Day update for you. As many of you are no doubt aware, we have been working away on our next front to feature in the mod. This front is, of course: France 1940. This has been a long term effort from us, and we have been very pleased to finally have the opportunity to focus our attentions onto it. You might remember that there are a couple of French vehicles that have been in the mod since 2.5, all be it in German colours, however now we are happy to show off a render of a true French icon: the Char B1 bis. The Char B1 began life in 1919, with a memorandum written by General Estienne that presented concepts for mechanised warfare based on experience from the Great War. One such concept was for a Char de bataille that could fight its way through heavy fortifications in the support of infantry. In 1921 the first request was tendered for such a vehicle: more of a self propelled gun than a tank, with a fixed howitzer and small defensive machinegun turret. Four designs were submitted for trials, and while they all suffered from poor reliability, the second design from Renault and Schneider was chosen as the basis for further work. The design eventually matured into the B1, armed with a 75mm howitzer in the hull, a low velocity 47mm gun in the APX1 turret with 2 7.5mm reibel machineguns. Armour was 40mm, and there were 4 crew: a driver who also aimed and fired the main gun, a loader, the commander (who stood alone in the turret), and a radio operator. The B1 bis followed very quickly and was the main production variant, with the armour increased to 60mm and the turret swapped for the APX4 with a longer 47mm antitank gun. To help the driver aim the hull mounted howitzer, the B1 bis used a complicated hydraulic differential steering system. This Naëder system allowed for extremely precise turns but was dependant on one particular type of castor oil and would seize up if the wrong oil was added. The tank was clearly a product of the First World War, and due to its extended development time was entering service effectively obsolete in the face of modern tactics. The B1 bis was a formidable opponent to the Germans, who's tanks and antitank guns were essentially useless against it at anything further than a stone's throw. However the B1 bis was hampered by their short operational range and by the general inferiority of French doctrine against the German's more manoeuvrable forces. A total of 34 B1 and 369 B1 bis were produced from 1935 through to 1940, and many of these would be captured and reused by the Germans. Our was made by Seth Soldier.
  5. The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.57 Posted by: Eat Uranium 06.07.2020 12:00 GMT Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update. We are pleased to announce that Forgotten Hope 2.57 is now live! You can download it by starting the Launcher. New and returning players can download the launcher from our downloads page. We hope to see you on the battlefield! This is a smaller update to fix a few problems and balance issues identified in our recent 2.56 release. You can see a full list of changes here. We hope to see you on the servers soon! AI templates added: ------------------- * Daimler Dingo (Normandy) * UC with Bren MK II * IL-2 * ISU 122 * ISU 152 * ISU 152 with DShK * ISU 152 (Finnish) * KV-1 M1942 (Finnish) * T-26 * T-34 M1941 (Finnish) * T-34-85 (Finnish) * T-50 Effects: -------- * .50cal / DShK API/HE ammo impact effects slightly smaller and with shorter time to live Kits: ----- * Added Browning Hi-Power pistols to Finnish pilot kits * Added tanker kit menu icon by Eat Uranium * Added early type US ammo kit with M1917 Enfield & replaced M1917 Enfield with Springfield 1903A3 in remaining US ammo kits * Replaced Browning Hi-Po with Colt M1911 in the British M1 Carbine paratrooper kit on Pegasus * Replaced historically inacurate Browning Hi-Power pistols with Colt 1911 in British Commando kits * Replaced Heer knife with K98 bayonet (used as a knife) in K98 ZF and ZF41 kits * Replaced K98 bayonet with Heer knife in G33/40 scout kit and MP38 assault kit * Replaced M3 knife with M1 Granad bayonet in the US scout kits with M1 rifle * Replaced Webley revolvers with Colt M1911 in the British NCO rifle kit on Pegasus Levels ------ * Added bunch of British kits with Colt M1911 for paratroopers and commandos use on Pegasus and Port en Bessin * Added early type US ammo kit with M1917 Enfield to Sidi Bou Zid * Bardia: reduced amount of handheld explosives * Bastogne: flamewthrowers removed * Firing Range 16: missing Thompson M1928A1 with a drum mag added * Ihantala: -teamlocked the bofors guns on the 64 player version -added the Ihantala Sign -removed the spawn conditions for the IS2 and ISU so that they spawn the whole round * Ogledow 32: Replaced all kits with tanker kits * Omaha 64: missing German mortars fixed * Operation Cobra 32: Replaced all kits with tanker kits * Ramelle: fixed some typos in mapdata.py to prevent COOP mode from crashing * Sidi Bou Zid: Removed historically inacurate Springfield 1903A4 * Sidi Rezegh 32: Replaced all kits with tanker kits * Siege of Tobruk 32: floating howitzer in the Italian main base fixed * Motovskiy Bay: -more tickets for both sides -quicker bleed for both sides -overall fewer mg kits -fewer SVTs for Germans * Tali: 16 player version: -fix ticket bleed 32 player version: -increased spawntime of all T-34 M43s to 90 seconds -added one Finnish M30 and removed one Russian M30 Howitzer -removed commander arty for both teams 64 player version: -increased the IL2 and Stuka minimum spawntime to 60 seconds to reduce spam -increased the Katjusha spawntime to 120 seconds to reduce spam -fixed the spawnconditions for the finnish T-34-85 and ISU 152 (they spawn if all flags except Portinhoikka are capped) -balanced the ticket loss for both teams to 20 tickets per minute -added one Faust kit to Konkkalanvuoret -swapped spawnplaces for the ammo and normal Opel Blitz at Div Lagus main base -removed one T26 in the northern mainbase -removed the Murokallio Stugs -moved the Porthinhoikka StuGs to nothern main -tweaked several spawngroups * Tunis: replaced MG34 pickup kits with assault Beretta38a kits & pickup MG34 Lafette with Breda M37 tripod * Vossenack: flamethrower removed * Op. Hyacinth: -amount of tickets lowered for both teams -shortened the respawn time for NZ (non-LRDG) vehicles from 40 to 30 seconds -replaced one of the ammo Chevys on with a regular, respawning Willys MB Misc: ----- * Broken Chinese fonts removed * "prev spot" commorose button not working fixed * Reduced SoldierCamera FOV by 10% - bigger FOV caused FPS drops for some players Soldiers -------- * Added missing MIP maps to Finnish soldier textures * Ragdolls - more drastic gravity settings to prevent bodies from doing occassional random acrobatics Statics ------- * Finland static: Ihantala roadsign added Weapons ------- * Added missing suppression effect to AVT-40 and DP-28 * AVT-40: added overheat penalty to simiulate common weapon jams * Comp B, Satchel & Gebalte Ladung: delay to fire (throwing animations) now take 1.6 second on all explosives * Deployable weapons fix - tripods that require players to lay down deploy flat on the ground now, other tripods stay horizontal no matter the surface * Fixed dissapearing bolting sounds during rapid fire with some sniper rifles * Fixed duck animation getting stuck on some static MGs * Fixed iron sights jerky movement on some sniper rifles * Fixed post processing bug on Springfield M1903A4 and FG42 ZF which caused soldier's vision to get blurred while swimming * Knives: delayToUse increased by 0.1 second to make it match deploy animations better * Lafettes: 3 degrees deeper depression of the mount * Lee Enfield animation update (2Cool2Fool) * Lower rotation and elevation mouse sensivity on all static MGs * Maxim 1910: Vickers .303 overheating settings applied * Vickers K twin mount: doubled the rate of fire
  6. Yes. Sometimes facebook does that. Sorry. Go to the link below to read it:
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