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Arma III Campaign: Vlad's Wolves


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Welcome back, everyone! Today, after successful first campaign "Martyrs of the Sun", we're bringing a new Arma III Campaign - Vlad's Wolves.

Vlad's Wolves


The year is 2014. After winning the 2012 Russian Presidential election on promises of making Russia relevant again on the world stage, President Piotr Kalugin started strengthening the Russian Federation Military in a show of force to the west and in early 2013 started seizing ex-USSR territories. 


NATO proved slow to react and took weeks to mobilize their troops. The Russian Federation (RF) and NATO forces clashed in the region know as Chernarus. Chernarus is quite a poor country but had great significance during the USSR years as a major Naval supply and maintenance base for the USSR Navy (Chemnogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, Berezino). During the USSR years, a great many Russian people migrated by choice/forcibly to region. According to census, Russians/people of Russian origin make up 42% of the population. This was part of the excuse that the RF used to occupy Chernaruss and establish Pro-Russian puppet government (Republic of the Red Star), stating they were protecting these Russians.

The fighting lasted for almost 2 years and resulted in the decimation of the entire region. Entire towns were wiped out and a lot of the country's infrastructure was destroyed in the fighting.  Eventually the RF forces pushed the NATO forces almost completely out of the region and the current front line is around the towns of Krasnostav, Kamenka and Pavlovo. However both sides have been severely weakened due to the extended fighting.


There is currently a cease fire agreement between opposing sides, however both sides are using it as an excuse to reinforce before going on the offense.  Current NATO intelligence reports have estimated that the RF forces will be ready to attack months before NATO are ready. Because of this NATO are looking into other other ideas to slow and hinder the RF war machine, so they will be ready before they are. The current plan is work with and supply insurgent forces within the region to disrupt supply lines and cause as many issues for the RF and ChDKZ (Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star) forces as possible.


Insurgent forces

Although there are many small factions/cells within the Chernarus, there are 2 major factions.


Chernarus Militia (CM)

The Peoples Chernarus Liberation Force(PCLF)


Chernarus Militia (CM)

The Chernarus Militia is made up of members of the former Chernarus Military and government. They fought bravely along side the NATO forces since the beginning of the conflict. However like NATO, their forces have been severely depleted to the point that they are no longer an effective fighting force. After the RF pushed the NATO forces to the borders of the country, the remnants of the Chernarus Military reformed under Colonel Gottwald and created the “Chernarus Militia”. Their main goal is to push out the RF forces and re-instate the previous elected government. Although equipped with modern equipment, their forces/manpower has been depleted. Many are either dead or being held in POW camp both in Russia and within the Region.

NATO have made contact with Colonel and offered to work with/supply them in starting an insurgency campaign against the RF forces. However the Colonel realises that the Chernarus Militia cannot do this alone. To rectify this, they have sent out messages to the PCLF and many smaller factions asking to put aside their differences and form a single force to throw out the RF.


The Peoples Chernarus Liberation Force(PCLF)

The PCLF is made up with idealised pro-communists people who are looking to return Chernarus back to the “golden days” of the USSR. “Hey, there may have been secret police on every corner, but the Trains ran on time”. The leader of the faction is a man called Yuri Romanov, who was the political oppositions to the previous government. The PCLF despise the capitalist west(NATO) and the previous government. However they also equally despise the RF for invading the country and only being a shell of the former glory of the USSR. The decimation of the Chernarus region by both NATO and RF has not helped their popularity with the common people. This has resulted in a great many people buying into the ideas being told to them by the PCLF and their numbers have swelled. However they have next to no resources and are badly armed. No outside countries will work with them or supply them, so they work with what they find or steal from RF forces.

They are willing to side with the CM to throw out the RF and get access to their resources, but they are not looking at reinstating the previous “corrupt and decant” government. Allies while it is convenient to them.


The PC Squad – Vlad's Wolves

The PCs(Player Characters) make up the members of a small insurgent group from the Northern region(Gorka, Altar hill). They are mostly from rural backgrounds and occupations such as Farmers, Trappers/Hunters and Lumber workers. This gives a narrative reason for the players to have access to older rifles and equipment.

The Group was lead by a man called Vladimir Simunek who lead the group during 2013 to the present in insurgency work in the northern regions of Chernarus. They have a fearsome reputation among the RF forces to the point the being sent to the northern region are referred to “being thrown to the wolves”. Unfortunately a recent attack on a RF supply convoy, resulted in the death of their leader Vladimir along with many other members.

They have been invited to join Colonel Gottwald's insurgency campaign and the start point for PCs.




Best Regards, 517TH PRCT, A Company, 1SG.Tutvys   


You can find more information here:

Fast Repository link: http://arma.cmp-gaming.com/public/.a3s/autoconfig


Training / Missions will currently be played
every Friday (Saturdays after beginning of new FH2 campaign)
starting at 19 UTC (winter time)

Meet up in Teamspeak!



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