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9 April (Danish movie)


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Just watched this on Netflix. It covers the events at the German border with Denmark on the day Germany invaded. It's about bravery and futility in the face of a lost cause. Details are sublime. Vehicles, uniforms, tactics... everything is done incredibly well. Only complaint is it's too short. And of course it's in Danish.
But it's an unusual and interesting view of that period of the war.

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Actually watched it in german a few months ago. I liked it as it was much different than the usual action-packed, explosions-everywhere hollywood movies. You have a tense situation in the beginning: soldiers in readiness in their barracks, always anticipating an attack. When it happens, you have chaos and despair erupting and you really can see and feel with the group of how stunned in fear they are looking about what is to come. Only their strict military drill made them actually proceed. At first i found it quite strange to watch them perform detailed reports of every soldier, his team-designation and weapon control shortly before departure, but psychologically it makes sense to bring order in their own lines.
The encounters between the danish group and german soldiers were also quite intensive, eventhough there barely were any big effects involved. Still managing to achieve that is what makes this movie interesting. The danish soldiers sure made some good use of their Madsen and AT-Rifle, hehe. The town fighting later on was also quite good.

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There was so much attention to detail in it. As a bike nerd and WW2 nerd it was just so satisfying for me to watch. Even the timed puncture repairs and the riding uphill on heavy bikes with no gears and carrying heavy equipment were fascinating to me. Just the 50km bike ride to get to the front in the dark... There was only one bit where they drove past a building that looked too modern that you could see through the passenger window in the truck but you'd only notice it if you weren't reading subtitles which I didn't have to do. 

Also the farm lady who talked about how that part of Denmark had been alternately Danish and German over so many decades that the people who lived there no longer cared was a nice detail. A lot of Danes from that area were conscripted to the Wehrmacht after the invasion as they were considered ethnic Germans (not to be confused with the Waffen SS volunteers). It showed so well how military combatants are usually just guys who are unlucky enough to be told to do stuff that can get them killed for causes that are ultimately futile.

Our house was built in late 1939 so not long before the German invasion and we sometimes find old rifle rounds in the garden when digging - so you wonder what the story is behind them.

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