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Playing games on VM


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I've Empire Earth, but it doesn't run well on w10 (as a lot of games...). I've a bug with the mousse, if i move it, the cursors moves always in the same direction (to the left bottom corner), and at the end I can't see it anymore. And I don't understand how to use keyboard in menus :D
So i've tried to use a VM with widows XP, using this tutorial http://microzoom.fr/tuto-virtualbox-windows-xp.
I've copied the game folder on the VM, but when I launch it I've this message. 
Do you know how I can fix this? 

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I'd try on W10 using Compatibilty Mode, or find a solution on internet.

That problem may be caused by many things... First, the game is not installed on XP, you just copied the files, but it doesn't include the registry keys and rights to work on the system, install it properly on XP and try again. Also it's possible than your VM has not enough memory assigned so that prevents the game from running, or has any other configuration problem.


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What helped me alot while trying to get old games like Hunter Hunted or G-Police to run was activating the Legacy Component in Windows 10. Simply search for "Windows Features" in Windows and  check:

Legacy Components (DIrectPlay):DirectPlay was part of DirectX, and was used for networking and multiplayer gaming by some games. Windows 10 should automatically install it when you install an old game that requires DIrectPlay.

Some games with mulitplayer support from the late 90's/early 2000's are dependant on that and give you an generic error message while trying to start when you dont provide that function.

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