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Sinimaed - Estonia 1944

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If some mapper feels like taking this one up.

@Pr0z4c? What do you think? It's started by keimummy, it's a East Front late war, would be nice to have that one.

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We played this map in the current campaign. The flag in south east is in the current map (July 2018) called 'Hundigurna'.


This name is incorrect. It should be 'Hundinurga'. It's meaning is 'wolves' ('Hundi') 'corner' ('nurga').


By the way, Sinimäed means 'Blue ('sinine') Hills' ('mäed').


I am not sure if you guys can look to maps on this website, but if you can it might interest you (when you click 'meta' you will get a side menu to the right, there you can click on arial photo's from 2018 back to 1995, and maps back to end of 19th century: https://xgis.maaamet.ee


I made some screenshots. Current map is already quite accurate, although some roads where different. Terrain nearby had some swampy patches.

Current situation (9.5.2018)


Topografie 2018


Topo 1948 (Sovjet time)


Heereskarte 1943



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