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  1. Best: - shotgang Worst: - no shotgang Funniest: - 109 crashing and exploding on take-off when round started because a tank drove into its way on the airstrip. F*cking @Ombustman Most hated player: no one Most loved/liked player: Mine detector gang
  2. Best: The last rounds of the battle Worst: The sheer base camping in the flags closest to them Funniest: @Smashmachine making moves on me - Most loved/liked player: The guys in my regiment Most hated player: @AdmiralBG no flaming. Report issues to your HQ or admins
  3. Best: Good numbers Worst: Crashes and the japanese getting 2 destroyers every round Funniest: No fun here Most hated player: Dunno Most loved/liked player: My bois xoxo Other: Kinda dissatisfied
  4. Hi I have a t10 dd gearing t8 cruisers t9 bbs and some t6cc and t5 ccs and lots of unlocks but i need credits. Name KillerProtank98 (lol)
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