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Steam/uplay question


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Hi guys, 


With a friend we have decided to share our steam accounts, cause he has ac unity and i want play it. 

What we have done: 

So we used the family fonction, but he also gave me his steam and uplay passwords. I've checked on his uplay, and i didnt find acu in the list. So i've opened his steam, launch acu, which has opened uplay, saying that it will activitate acu on his uplay account blablabla. 

The problem is that if i want play acu, i have to open his uplay, launch acu which asks me to connect his steam account. Which means that if i want play acu, he can't acces both accounts. 

So my question is: 

Is there a way to launch acu without having to launch steam? 


Don't know if i'm clear :P

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Did he buy ACU on Steam? If so then I'm guessing he can't just launch ACU through Uplay as it will need Steam to confirm the purchase.

My guess he's locked into running Steam first so Uplay can confirm he has purchased it before they'll allow him to play it.

I thought with Steam when sharing it you could play other games, as long as it wasn't the game that was being played by your friend / family member?

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