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We Need Your Donations!

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Calling All Members Of The CMP Community!

The monies are running low in the CMP funds account, and we need your help if we are to continue supporting our forums, "Discord server, Teamspeak and most importantly the game server that runs our FH2 campaigns, Valheim, Assetto Corsa and more games if they are needed in the future! You can see our costs at https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/963-donating-to-cmp-gaming/

Over the last three years we've seen a decline in the number of donations, and while we know that the worldwide economy isn't great, and people are struggling to pay for the basic necessities, we also know that those in our community have come to find CMP as a place to let off steam and relax with friends - although those who lead players in the FH2 campaigns may say it is less than relaxing!


We are now over 6 months into 2024 and we have only just reached one-third of our funding target for this year.

On average, we typically see 20 or so CMP members pay to fund the costs we incur, as a community. That's 20 members out of the 2,800+ members who are registered on the website, and of the 260+ members who signed up and enjoyed playing in our last FH2 campaign.

Just 20 members enabled the other 240+ members to participate in the 11-week FH2 campaign. This shouldn't be the norm.


What we need is for our community as a whole to step up. If you want to be able to continue playing FH2 campaigns, continue using Teamspeak to meet up and chat with friends, use the forums to arrange games, campaign and other events, then we need donations.

If only 100 members donate €5 each then we can reach our target for the year, and allow us to keep the Teamspeak service running, as well as set up and run our autumn FH2 campaign. If we don't have the funds, we can't run the community that so many of you enjoy being a part of.


We know that some of you wish to donate, but cannot donate due to restrictions on using PayPal in your country. Thank you for looking into alternative means of donating, I've spoken with a fair number of community members to discuss other ways to donate.

If you can, and would like to donate, you can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page.


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