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FH2 Campaign #15: Battle 6 - Verdenne - Best/Worst/Funniest/Battle Photo Medal

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Best: -i got a clip killing otto with plane xd. 78 mb dont know how to lower it ):::::


Funniest: -me messing with fh2 or bf2 physics (bad landing maybe) having the plane motor stuck on dirt dont get damage and dont fix lol.

Most hated player: - (sniper monke's)

Most loved/liked player: - based infantry guys who spot and attack flag

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - im gonna post a video on previous cmp campaign where i get kill with suppressing fire(use it :)).

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Best: - Finally Luftwaffe in action again) Happy to be in air again))

Worst: Vision for aviation on this map(( Low Clouds and fog - bad for air, but good for ground forces)

Funniest: I crashed in @pozzo's Grayhound. I think he was already destroyed by my guns and then I crashed in wreck, but maybe he was not fully destroyed. Because of low clouds I was have only 1 sec for recognize target and attack it, and then need fast pull up before crash in ground

Most hated player: - no one

Most loved/liked player: Special respect for @CptBocquier for good job on AA! He killed me many times. Allied General, give him AA Defense medal please!

Best Battle Photo -
@cristhianxd flying over our airfield!

Other: - I think this Grayhound driver very happy, because @CptBocquier saved his live with AA from my attack on FW-190))




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