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Game seems not fluid



hi guys, 

since i've changed my gpu, my game seems to be not fluid, whereas it always runs at 60 fps. 
At the beginning, when i get my 470, all was ok. somedays ago i've installed new optionnal driver (using ddu), and since i get this problem. i've reinstalled the old driver but same problem. This is really disturbing. 
i'm not sure, but sometime i feel like the picture was cut in 2, with the top and the bottom not running on the same way, top seems lagging (this is not just tearring). 
Do you have an idea of what's the problem? 

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On 29/6/2017 at 3:50 PM, Druidix said:

Again ? Will try it. 

i've made some tests. If i remove fps limit, its ok. And in fact i play 4 games, and get this problem with 2 of them. In both, fps are locked. The games where i dont get pb have v-sync on. so it seems the problem is caused by fps limiter. 

I will tell if reinstalling drivers solves the pb 

Increase or set the fps lock number higher than your refresh rate.


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