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memory error loading cmp metz



I can join pub server.   I can load last week's CMP Overloon

game locks when loading metz in local (81%) and training server (62%).  hard lock, have to sign out or restart

Happens with cmp_t_metz-c7.114 and cmp_t_metz-c7.115 versions


See image provided by The_Green_Bunny I quoted below.


I have seen this type of error before in BF2.  Very rare and always a restart of game or reboot of computer (since usually it is a hard lock) makes the problem go away.


My video settings are low.   Could that be the problem?



Work around found.  See below



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more info, Work around found
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38 minutes ago, 0utlaw said:

if you hit esc when it does this (2 or 3 times), the map will continue to load


2 minutes ago, SPATmaster said:

This works.  It was two times for me.  Make sure to hit esc once then pause and wait a second, if loading does not continue, repeat.  I hit esc fast three times and it unloaded resources (any hitting of esc *after* it is unlocked causes map load to abort as usual)

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3 minutes ago, The_Green_Bunny said:

i ran the updater yesterday and since I'm getting a strange error when trying to join the allied server.  I don't get this error when i join pub servers or in single player.  Anyone else having this issue?

odd error.JPG

Same error for me except I manually update.

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