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CMP Game Server News!


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Hello CMP Community Members, we are delighted to announce that we have upgraded our game server to a more powerful specification!

With a huge thank you to @Grabfunzel for donating a massive € 150 to allow for this to happen! And also for @kummitus for all the hard work he puts into maintaining and running the CMP game server and services.

So we are now running on a Intel® Core™ i7-7700 Quad-Core with 64Gb RAM which will give us plenty of power to run new games, and we now have Post Scriptum running with a high player count at a good frame rate. We will also be able to see if this can potentially help with the lag seen in FH2, although there are other factors to consider with this problem as well.

What does this mean going forward? Hopefully it will allow us to host other events and games when required. We cannot host every game all the time due to processor limitations and other requirements, but it does mean we have the chance to support newer games for the future such as Hell Let Loose and others.

There is one thing to note with this upgrade - there is an increase in monthly costs with the server cost going up from € 32,00 a month to € 46,80 a month and so even with Grabfunzel's amazing donation, we still need donations from the CMP community to keep us running for this year and into the next one.

Right now, thanks to people like Papillon, kummitus, Grabfunzel and the other donators listed on the home page, we have raised € 330,00 of the € 896,40 we need to keeping CMP running and allowing everyone to play games, chat on Discord and use Teamspeak, but we need more people to donate as our community grows.


Can You Help?

As you can see, the costs are not very high, just € 74,70 a month will cover our current expenses. Can you help? Even a small monthly donation of a few Euro's a month, or a single one-time donation will help.

We have set up two ways to donate to CMP:

  1. Donate a single one-time payment and pay what you want. All amounts are welcome!
  2. Set up a monthly donation through Paypal. Choose to donate as little as €5 a month and you can unsubscribe to this at any time.


Service - - Payments To Be Made - - Number Of Times To Pay Per Year - - Yearly Cost - - Total Sum
Web Server 3,70 Monthly 44,40 € 896,40
Email, File Host 2,50 Monthly € 30,00  
Torrent Box 3,70 Monthly € 44,40 - Per Month
Forum Software 25,00 Bi-Annual € 50,00 € 74,70
Game Server 46,80 Monthly € 561,60  
Forum Theme € 20,00 Annually € 20,00  
Domain € 10,00 Annually € 10,00  
Discord + TS Plugin € 21,00 Bi-Annual € 42,00  
Group Collaboration Plugin € 55,00 Annually € 55,00  
Awards Plugin € 7,00 Bi-Annual € 14,00  
Rules Plugin € 25,00 Annually € 25,00  


Donate Now

You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page.



With more donations, we can increase the number of servers we run and the servers we can offer to our expanding gaming community!

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