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Windows 10 Creators Update


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Some PC´s might want to auto update to build 1703. As it still doesnt wotk for me and makes a mess I rolled back a second time  If  you dont want the new build and want to keep build 1607 until you know the new 1703 works  Here is how to stop your windows from upgrading

Click Settings > Update & security. Click the link to Advanced options and check the box marked Defer Feature Updates.


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Related to Microsoft's awful policy: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/user-made-patch-lets-owners-of-next-gen-cpus-install-updates-on-windows-7-andamp-8-1/


GitHub user Zeffy has created a patch that removes a limitation that Microsoft imposed on users of 7th generation processors, a limit that prevents users from receiving Windows updates if they still use Windows 7 and 8.1. [...]


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Looks like its not working as supposed or something :-)


I wonder why ping/internet connection was not tested and No directX 9.0C test.

How ever people comments say that it boosts fps on low end laptops. Which is no big surprise.

Maybe it was made for a kind of future cloud gaming platform. Which is commin very soon and its target are low end pc´s

The future might make Battlefield 2 as a cloud game on origin  :-)

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Athena is the worst thing though... WikiLeaks published it, a CIA hacking tool, not even Win 10 is save... Wtf.

Lol fkin Wiko Sunset 2 Smartphone. Worst French company ever. How could Google even give them the license to install android on their bs laggy device (getting continuous android error message here: "could not find ressource for applock_sensitive_mc_262" or so. WTF WIKO??)


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