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  1. Community Music Channel

    And more recent one, this is me every friday when the FH2 battle and when a new round starts...
  2. Community Music Channel

    So old music you guys? Best german group:
  3. Edited by Erwin: Well see you in 20 days you little wise person.
  4. 1. Start FH2 (restart if running atm. ofc.) 2. load singleplayer map Alam Halfa 16 players (with bots) 3. issue should be fixed if not: close game, delete "cache" folder inside your path: "[drive letter, "C" usually]:\Users\[your computer nickname]\Documents\Forgottenhp 2\mods\bf2\cache [backstory: Had this bug today for first time since 2 years. I yesterday upgraded from i5 6600K to Ryzen 5 1600X (6C/12T), my guess is it's a BF2 bug that always occurs if you change your mainboard/CPU on Win 10 machines.]
  5. Comedy Central

    WAIT, they have actually THAT much carbonic acid in their stomach??? W T F ? ? What in gods name are they drinking?
  6. Comedy Central

    Their mobile phones play so loud burp sound? Wtf?
  7. Best: This: Worst: our team not really being good with aiming bazookas (aim duration and bullet drop) Funniest: video above Most hated player: Kunderico, killing me, Erwin, using M10 all the time (kinda blocking it... -.- ) Most loved/liked player: Geo, great HQ Other: Hating the moments you DO fire (you hear gunshot from your own rifle), but bullet doesn't leave the barrel... -.- Everyone knows it...
  8. Strategy Games anyone?

    CoH 2 definitely
  9. New Dawn, New Frontier - Arma III

    Yes buy the game for just 19€ from here, I bought it from that seller too, definitely works! (bit complicated but works fine) https://www.kinguin.net/category/38796/arma-3-steam-bohemia-gift/
  10. Counter Strike Global Offensive

    Roof? throw grenades over which roof exactly?
  11. New Dawn, New Frontier - Arma III

    nice! Only ACE or which else?
  12. Squad! (official Project Reality successor)

    Haha ok here is his Facebook Profile https://www.facebook.com/panagiotis.bouras.37 does he live anywhere near you? Or do you also like Paintball like he does? He played PR a lot years ago with us... Maybe you can convince him (in greek) to play Squad too
  13. New Dawn, New Frontier - Arma III

    This will be raw ArmA 3 or with mods?
  14. Counter Strike Global Offensive

    Lame, BF1 is wayyyy better (graphics, more fun)