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Regarding the CMP FH2 Public Servers: If you are banned, it is most likely the autoadmin kickbanning you for too many tk's. You are getting automatically unbanned within a couple of hours.


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  1. @SgtAlex Ok I'm in, but the discord moderators haven't even created an "#announcement" channel there yet....
  2. So the campaign will start on 1st of june I hope? (assuming the patch doesn't break anything)
  3. And before or after FH 2.53 ? @Quicksilver
  4. How did the test go, what is ETA for next campaign? July? August?
  5. DanielNL

    Post Scriptum - WW2 Conversion Of Squad

    Anyone else gets this for free (if you supported Squad on kickstarter or so) ? (I am getting it for free)
  6. DanielNL

    Post Scriptum - WW2 Conversion Of Squad

    I wonder if/hope there will be a game mode without reviving, like FH2.
  7. So how many are going to attend? only ~ 10, ~20 or even ~40 ? Has this test been advertised on other forums too or do you want to keep it very small (do you anticipate critical bugs on all these maps?) ?
  8. I fear you guys missed the train... (had months to start the campaign, there are many many good FH2 maps out there already, and replacing a faction with russians can be done in BF2 editor), now VERY soon we'll have Post Scriptum (Epic Unreal Engine 4 WW2 tactical shooter) and many players will primarily play that instead of FH2 then. (Ofc I'll gladly still play FH2 campaigns, but we need to advertise more!)
  9. I hope many of the maps feature GER vs RU ?
  10. DanielNL

    Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    Erst wenn Papillon und andere sich einig sind, welche maps denn nun genau gespielt werden, befürchte ich... -.- wahrscheinlich erst im Sommer (lol).
  11. DanielNL

    Donating To CMP Gaming

    Who created the forum theme? Also, since when does Discord cost money? O_O
  12. Matsku can't on a weekend day...
  13. https://totalwararena.net/en/news/latest-news/total-war-arena-enters-open-beta-february-22/ Download and play with me! (post your Steam profile link here to play with me, I play archers mainly atm)
  14. DanielNL

    Steam/Origin/Blizzard Account Sharing

    nearly half a year later is a biiiit too late, you know... xDDD