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  1. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/ Or on Steam. There are sales in both shops every few months.
  2. There is a huge Persian Gulf map for a while now, BlueFlag is the best multiplayer PvP server imo. http://gadget.buddyspike.net for map overview. F/A-18C Hornet is one of the newest fighter modules, F-16C was announced and will be available for preorder tomorrow.
  3. It's time for Africa.... -.- naaaa nanaaa, naaaa, naaaaaa naaaaa, heeeyy heeeyyy, WACKA WACKA EEEYYY EEEEY, and whatever (I forgot the lyrics)
  4. sadly server died when I was about to join -.- Happy Bday all admins & moderators! Has already been decided if Normandy will be the setting for next campaign? :)
  5. I don't think that was me in PaK. If it was though, then you managed to knife me because no other friendly infantry around me covered me... (which would've been their task) @Sir_Kowskoskey
  6. No, rather EoD 2 (Eve of destruction Vietnam) mod!!! With the famous chocktaw helicopter!! (From the movie, where the doorgunner goes "get some, get some, get some!!!" )
  7. Best: - Shooting 2 transport vehicles with Pz II in first round who tried to pass me double, then triple kill Worst: - Not knowing if we had 1 or 2 T-70, and if they really were non-bleed or bleed... 2nd worst: Sniper on windmill (south field flag) and our team not knowing or at least our tanks not shooting him for several minutes. Funniest: - the double vehicle kill Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Prozac for dedicating himself to leading our unit. Also admins, mapping team and HQ for making this campaign possible.
  8. Best: russian taaaanks! magicsuper powers! Worst: Tiger respawn time way too fast on Si.... map. Funniest: Shooting so much german infantry with tiny russian armored car... Most hated player: Kowskoskey Most loved/liked player: - Prozac for leading us Other: -
  9. hmmmm " Due to the lack of interest from dev team in making FH2 standalone " vielleicht haben die FH2 devs ja auch einfach keinen Bock auf einen möglichen Rechtsstreit mit EA...
  10. Rayder, deutsch? o_O WTF junge! @RayderPSG
  11. Wait, we won't even have a single match GER vs RU??
  12. DONT BLAME BITCOIN, for * sake I see EVERYONE blaming bitcoin here. IT IS NVIDIA AN AMD, THEY see their chance to rip off us customers with those prices and MAKE USE of it/abuse the high demand for graphics cards. I even start to wonder if I should spend more than 1000 € on a few mining ASICs and rent some small factory building (with cheap electricity, if that is even possible) and make myself a millionair... (or at least earn several thousands of € over 1-2 years)... The world is freagging weird, earning money for just wasting electricity and calculations to just "get" money... How can european banks even accept this... Wtf who knows, maybe even the military is behind all this and runs military calculations on our ASICs... LOL
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