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  1. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/ Or on Steam. There are sales in both shops every few months.
  2. There is a huge Persian Gulf map for a while now, BlueFlag is the best multiplayer PvP server imo. http://gadget.buddyspike.net for map overview. F/A-18C Hornet is one of the newest fighter modules, F-16C was announced and will be available for preorder tomorrow.
  3. It's time for Africa.... -.- naaaa nanaaa, naaaa, naaaaaa naaaaa, heeeyy heeeyyy, WACKA WACKA EEEYYY EEEEY, and whatever (I forgot the lyrics)
  4. sadly server died when I was about to join -.- Happy Bday all admins & moderators! Has already been decided if Normandy will be the setting for next campaign? :)
  5. I don't think that was me in PaK. If it was though, then you managed to knife me because no other friendly infantry around me covered me... (which would've been their task) @Sir_Kowskoskey
  6. No, rather EoD 2 (Eve of destruction Vietnam) mod!!! With the famous chocktaw helicopter!! (From the movie, where the doorgunner goes "get some, get some, get some!!!" )
  7. Best: - Shooting 2 transport vehicles with Pz II in first round who tried to pass me double, then triple kill Worst: - Not knowing if we had 1 or 2 T-70, and if they really were non-bleed or bleed... 2nd worst: Sniper on windmill (south field flag) and our team not knowing or at least our tanks not shooting him for several minutes. Funniest: - the double vehicle kill Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Prozac for dedicating himself to leading our unit. Also admins, mapping team and HQ for making this campaign possible.
  8. Best: russian taaaanks! magicsuper powers! Worst: Tiger respawn time way too fast on Si.... map. Funniest: Shooting so much german infantry with tiny russian armored car... Most hated player: Kowskoskey Most loved/liked player: - Prozac for leading us Other: -
  9. hmmmm " Due to the lack of interest from dev team in making FH2 standalone " vielleicht haben die FH2 devs ja auch einfach keinen Bock auf einen möglichen Rechtsstreit mit EA...
  10. Rayder, deutsch? o_O WTF junge! @RayderPSG
  11. Wait, we won't even have a single match GER vs RU??
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