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  1. Donating To CMP Gaming

    Who created the forum theme? Also, since when does Discord cost money? O_O
  2. Matsku can't on a weekend day...
  3. https://totalwararena.net/en/news/latest-news/total-war-arena-enters-open-beta-february-22/ Download and play with me! (post your Steam profile link here to play with me, I play archers mainly atm)
  4. Steam/Origin/Blizzard Account Sharing

    nearly half a year later is a biiiit too late, you know... xDDD
  5. CMP: What's Coming Up In 2018

    Nvm I PMd Papillon, at least he gives honest answers...
  6. CMP: What's Coming Up In 2018

    Will next FH2 campaign have many maps with russians vs germany? (please)
  7. So we need to change teammembers... Tutvys wrote "pls no fridays", which is the only day Matsku can. . .
  8. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    @Pr0z4c did you agree on this picture accurately representing our team composition??? (I like cats and hate dogs...)
  9. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    @DanielNL Any class
  10. Star Citizen needs you

    I thought he became pirate for "teamkilling" me accidently (through a ramp-bug of his ship)
  11. Star Citizen needs you

    As I said I only was PASSENGER (as I wrote "about to land", not "landed") the other random guy was flying it...
  12. Star Citizen needs you

    Also on the list of "things NOT to do when you want to stay alive": When you're inside the Drake and about to land on Olisar, don't walk onto the ramp while it's opening... you will instantly die (and the pilot get pirate status I think, as shots were fired right after I died)
  13. Star Citizen needs you

    Ooops... And is the gun-station really not working, still?? (the one on top, I entered it, saw barrels when moving it, they wouldn't fire...) Also is it normal for the freelancer to spawn with the right wing missing? (happened 2 times I think) LOL
  14. Star Citizen needs you

    last night... (my advice: never enter the freelancer with random pilots... Freelancer pilots tend do be d*cks it seems) Watch out for "Falcor_Yeah"...
  15. Star Citizen needs you

    Of which it seems CIG has way too few of... (Otherwise they'd already fixed this bug) Also I'm getting tired of the ship not spawning bug... (get killed, try to spawn new ship, after 5 minutes are over ship not spawning, cannot access console anymore... happening to me with Mustang Delta many times). And the the Star Citizen.exe freezes... You guys have this bug too with other ships?